Different Long Haircuts For Different hair Types

Long locks can be stunning, seductive, and dull without proper care and cutting. Layers add dimension, showcase curl and wave patterns, and can help lighten heavy or thick locks. Ask your stylist for soft face-framing layers and center part curtain bangs with smooth layers on either side for maximum face-framing effect.

Wavy Shags

Wavy shags add natural texture as well as an authentic 1970s rock-n-roll aesthetic.

Layered Haircut

Long-layered haircuts look wonderful on wavy or curly locks, creating movement while simplifying maintenance and management. Additionally, long layers make styling your locks less complicated – ideal if your thick locks tend to become heavy with dense density! For thick-haired clients who desire lighter styling.

Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers are an elegant hairstyle designed to envelop and frame the face and can be worn either center or side-parted. Perfect for adding volume and giving their locks a more youthful appearance, they can be completed by straight blunt bangs or side-swept looks; discuss with your stylist which maintenance schedule best fits you daily.

Shaved Side Long Haircut

Long hair with shaved sides has become an increasingly popular men’s haircut that offers them more styling options. Braid the top section or tie it into cute knots for an attractive style to complete this look. Add flair with an undercut explicitly designed to meet this style statement.

Short Layers

Feathered layers are an on-trend haircut that provides an updated and modern aesthetic for your locks. If your fine locks lack weight and volume, have your stylist feather them for added volume – you could also try applying volumizing mousse before styling for even more significant impact! This style works exceptionally well on women with straight hair and can even be combined with bangs while showing up less clearly with wavy locks due to being quite subtle. Due to this maintenance requirement, it may be wiser to visit a salon so the stylist can expertly blend all layers into place.

Long U Cut

Long U cut is one of the best haircuts for girls to look their best, and if you have curly locks, this style will look incredible on you. Colouring your waves may also add extra dimension and beauty to this cut. U-shaped haircuts are similar to V-shaped reductions in that the center portion is longer than the sides, yet more subdued. With plenty of layers throughout your locks and an even length throughout, U-shaped styles make you even more beautiful and adorable! Additionally, adding face-framing elements will further accentuate the appeal.

Straight Haircut

The classic straight haircut is an effortless style that works for everyone. The look pairs beautifully with balayage, ombre, or highlight treatments, ideal for those with straight, firm, blunt edges and strong locks. Add texture and volume to your consecutive waves by styling them with a quiff or comb. This will help create a book and accentuate your parting for more prominence and is especially recommended for those with fine or thin locks, as it will make their strands appear thicker. Make an impactful statement with your straight locks by opting for a fade haircut – this style will give your appearance a distinct and striking look.


Similar to the V cut but more gentle, this haircut features a rounded shape rather than solid angles. This cut works well if you wish to have longer locks in the middle and shorter sides. This style pairs a chestnut brown to blonde balayage and sleek side part to significant effect and is the ideal way to show off natural textures like waves. If you want to try this look, make sure you bring some inspirational photos with you when visiting your stylist. This will allow them to achieve the perfect cut for you; remember that trimming might need to be done more frequently than usual with this hairstyle.