Different Female Hairstyles

Women have many different hairstyle options to choose from. Finding one that complements you and boosts your self-esteem can be challenging but is essential.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is an elegant short hairstyle that can be styled in various ways to suit you and enhance facial features. Its versatile nature means it can be worn in multiple styles without attracting unwanted attention.

Curly pixie cuts can be ideal for those with thin hair. Their curly texture adds volume, creating an eye-catching silhouette. Furthermore, this style works particularly well on round faces since its balance complements their features perfectly.

An icy blonde pixie dyed with spicy, textured spirit is striking and easy to manage, offering a bold personality while remaining low maintenance. Slick it back for a sleek style, or add side-swept bangs for feminine flair.


One of the easiest and cutest female hairstyles, the ponytail is perfect for last-minute date nights or lunch plans with friends where looking put-together without spending too much time is required.

Ponytails work well for all hair textures but significantly flatter wavy locks. Their loose, unstructured appearance creates a feminine, romantic silhouette that frames your face beautifully.

Add charm and variety to this classic and versatile style by accessorizing with an extra-special ribbon or hair scarf! Or let a few strands fall by your temples for a more boho vibe and frame your face as desired for an elevated boho aesthetic.

Dyed Hair

Dying your hair can add an eye-catching flair to any look and is one of the most sought-after female hairstyles. From vibrant hues to pastels for an understated finish, there’s sure to be an option that meets your fancy!

Be sure to protect your skin when dyeing your hair by wearing a color cape or towel, which can catch any dye that may leak out onto your skin, preventing staining on the face or neck.

Another fun way to wear dyed hairstyles is to pigtail them with colorful accessories for an edge and rebellious vibe that fits an e-girl aesthetic. Spiky styles like these provide some flair that helps add an edge to their appearance.


Layers can provide volume and texture to hair without adding weight and frame the face for an elegant, feminine finish. Coatings are easily applied to different lengths and textures of locks.

Asymmetrical layers make an eye-catching statement in a short bob, particularly when combined with side-swept bangs to enhance symmetry and flattery. You could also incorporate a V cut for medium-length hair for an eye-catching, unique and eye-catching finish.

Feathered layers look beautiful on long hair, especially if it is straight or wavy. To complete the look, long curtain bangs may add even more definition.

Long and Sleek

A long bob with bangs can create the ideal frame for any face shape, whether your locks are dense or wispy. This versatile style works particularly well on thick hair and for both formal and casual looks; additionally, it’s an excellent way for redheads to show off their color!

Medium-length haircuts can flatter almost every hair texture and style. Layered styles add subtle volume while accentuating the soft gradient of your haircut.

Deep side parts add sophistication, while flirty bangs add flirtatious flair.

Mohawk Cut

The mohawk is an eye-catching hairstyle that allows one to express his or her unique sense of rebellion. While traditionally associated with Native American culture, it can be worn by anyone looking to stand out today.

The classic mohawk features shaved sides and an arched strip of hair in the middle that stands up. However, to make this style even more striking, it can be dyed a vibrant color such as green or traffic cone orange.

This trend-savvy style can be particularly flattering to women with black hair, giving them an air of polished chic while maintaining an edgeful aesthetic.

Side Braid

A side braid is ideal for a romantic and delicate aesthetic. From 3-strand to full-blown jumbo braids, there’s an array of braid styles you can create using damp hair – divide into three sections before taking one corner section at a time and passing it over and under each of the remaining two areas until reaching the end of your locks!

Add some flair to your style with Arden Cho’s tiny braids or Issa Rae’s bubble braids from Issa Rae for a touch of extra sass! They work exceptionally well with hair jewelry or flowers for added detail.