Derma Roller For Hair – A Non-Invasive Alternative to hair Transplant Surgery

Derma rolling is a non-invasive alternative to hair transplant surgery that’s affordable, safe, and effective at increasing the effectiveness of traditional therapies for hair loss.

How to Use

Derma rolling creates tiny channels, enabling hair growth serums and oils to penetrate deeper into the scalp, stimulating hair growth while decreasing hair loss and increasing density.

Clean and Prepare

Start with clean, dry hair. Sterilize the derma roller with 70% isopropyl alcohol before and after every session for optimal use.

Rolling Technique

Roll the roller across your scalp in a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movement pattern. Repeat this motion 10-14 times in each direction.

Apply hair Growth Oil

After using the derma roller, massage your scalp thoroughly using a chosen hair growth oil, such as coconut oil, to enhance absorption and promote healthier hair growth.

Choosing the Right Derma Roller

If conducting home derma rolling sessions, purchase a product with titanium microneedles for safe scalp piercing. Select a roller with a shorter needle length (0.5mm or lower) for safer use and to build confidence over time.

Using Topicals and Oils

Derma rollers increase collagen production and blood flow to the scalp, stimulating hair follicles for new growth. They also enhance the efficacy of topical treatments like hair oil and serums.


The Derma Roller for Hair stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms, reducing fine lines and stretch marks, restoring firmness and elasticity, and facilitating hair growth. Clean and disinfect the roller after each use to avoid infections.