How to Style Dark Platinum Blonde Hair

Dark platinum blonde hair is beautiful and alluring; it makes an excellent addition to women who wish to add brightness to their appearance with cool skin tones. Try a platinum ombre hair color technique featuring brown roots and platinum highlights for an authentic, natural-looking style. This hair coloring method works great on light brown or blonde locks and looks lovely in long, wavy ones.

All-Over Platinum Hair

Dark blondes can achieve the sexy and sophisticated look of buttery platinum without completely covering up their natural shade. This style works particularly well on those with warm complexions. Ice blonde is an eye-catching shade when worn in long beach waves or curly locks, while its subtle shade makes it suitable for naturally curly strands. Just be sure to use products without sulfates for optimal results and to maintain its shine!

Ashy Roots

Be trendy without bleaching your locks with a balayage technique that combines ashy platinum highlights with dark roots for an eye-catching, low-maintenance style that suits many complexions and eye colors. This icy blonde hue looks breathtaking with a shoulder-length wavy cut. Add beachy texture spray for an effortless summery look that’ll have him pining for you! Create an attractive ice platinum blonde look with a salt and pepper ombre by lifting any orange or yellow tones from your colorist and using weekly hair treatments to maintain healthy strands.

Platinum Blonde Shag Haircut

Get the platinum silver look by asking your stylist to apply a dark brown to platinum blonde ombre to your hair. This shade creates a lovely contrast against darker natural roots while drawing the eye. When styling poker-straight hair for this look, use an iron. Make an impressionful statement with this soft and sultry short platinum blonde shag haircut, giving off Zooey Deschanel vibes while only needing minimal maintenance.

Silvery White Blonde Hair

Lady Gaga can rock white silver hairstyles effortlessly. However, this hue requires constant maintenance and may not suit those with coarse texture strands – according to Yanchuk, this can make lifting them to level 10 harder while toning may become difficult or nonexistent altogether. Try opting for a platinum blonde balayage as an easy and hassle-free solution. This color will allow your natural dark base color to come through while creating an eye-catching shade blend.

Platinum Blonde Long Bob

Long bobs adorned with platinum highlights can make an impressionful statement. Ask your stylist for a dramatic root fade, or use graduated balayage instead to achieve this look. Warm beige highlights pair perfectly with an icy platinum blonde shade when styled into soft beachy waves, creating an eye-catching rock-chick look on shoulder-length hair. Add eyebrow-skimming bangs for an added feminine edge.

Platinum Blonde Mids and Ends

If you’re considering going platinum, this cool shade will add an eye-catching shine to your blonde locks. Perfect for cooler skin tones and particularly flattering for confident personalities, platinum will help make an impressionful statement about who you are. Add platinum blonde highlights to dark hair for appeal, using this stunning balayage with darker brown lowlights for maximum impact. Ideal for women with wavy locks. A striking combination of smoky shadow roots and platinum blonde highlights create an eye-catching style for this asymmetric bob, suitable for formal events and guaranteed to make you feel like royalty! This traditional event-ready look will have all eyes on you!

Platinum Blonde with Soft Waves

Wavy platinum blonde balayage with dark roots is an effortless, low-maintenance style that still produces eye-catching platinum results. Plus, this style allows longer between touch-ups – making it the ideal solution for busy women who want their platinum blonde hair to look its best and fresh. Add warm platinum blonde highlights to a deep brown hair color for a lovely, soft contrast framing your face beautifully. This balayage works exceptionally well with loose beachy waves on shoulder-length bob.

Platinum Blonde with Shadowed Roots

The platinum blonde trend doesn’t only suit light strands – it also looks fantastic on darker locks! This style, known as the shadow root look, makes an excellent option for those wanting to try platinum but are fearful of creating an extreme contrast. This beautiful platinum blonde balayage uses ribbon highlights to transform dark brown roots into a stunning sheet of blonde. Perfect for medium-length hair that can be worn straight or styled into curls and waves for an eye-catching look!

Platinum Blonde with Gold and Platinum Streaks

If you have naturally dark blonde hair, ask your stylist to add platinum highlights for an eye-catching, warm, and cool blonde color. Be sure to use high-quality dye and follow its directions closely to maintain healthy, shiny locks post-bleaching. Light platinum shade works beautifully for medium haircuts. Style with beachy waves for an authentic, natural look.