How to Style Dark Natural Auburn Hair

Auburn red hair is an eye-catching hue that flatters most complexions, while also looking chic and glamorous when styled into long sleek strands with beach curls. Dark brown hair color can make an elegant statement that frames the face while drawing attention to your eyes. It provides a striking finish and makes an eye-catching statement!

Light Auburn

Auburn is an elegant shade for brunettes looking to try something different, offering all-over or subtle highlights to their natural hair color. If you prefer going the full-on auburn route, opt for a bold look using crimson red auburn; it will accentuate your natural coloring and set you apart from others in a crowd. Try a rich dark brown hair color if you prefer more subdued looks. Celebrities like Lily Collins and Jorja Smith sport this stunning hue. With its abundance of red pigments that enhance complexions and work on both cool and warm skin tones alike, Add some orange to your dark brown locks by using highlights or lowlights – this will instantly brighten your face and complement your eyes! For optimal results, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to maintain the vibrancy of color in your locks.

Rich Auburn

Instead of the classic red hue, this auburn shade boasts rich pigments and can complement all skin tones. It pairs perfectly with neutral complexions while being ideal for brunettes wanting to add some sexiness to their style. If you’re not ready to commit to bold red, opt for something with copper and orange undertones that offers warmth and sophistication. This hue works best on wavy or textured hair. Consider seeking rusty red balayage or ombre to update your natural brown auburn shade. This hue boasts a subtle copper tone, adding flare with fiery highlights that create an eye-catching look. For maximum color longevity, use a sulfate-free color-depositing shampoo, limit salt water exposure and sun exposure and touch up regularly to maintain its vibrancy. This chestnut red hue is ideal if you like to wear your locks curled up and textured.

Dark Auburn

Auburn is an elegant hue that falls between brown and red, making it the ideal shade for brunettes looking to add just a hint of color without overshadowing their natural beauty. For an authentic auburn look, consider a cinnamon ombre style, where dark red roots gradually transition into rose auburn hearts that fade to orange auburn at the ends. This beautiful hair color looks fantastic against all skin tones! Strawberry auburn, with its more orange tint, is another popular hue that suits lighter-skinned girls well. Mahogany auburn works particularly well for brunettes with darker complexions; this rich hue looks good, whether worn short, sleek, or in loose waves, and pairs beautifully with any eye color. For optimal results when maintaining brown hair color, use shampoos free from sulfates and color-safe conditioners to keep vibrant locks.

Black Auburn

If you’re searching for an eye-catching hair color that makes an impactful statement, this dark brown red with purple highlights will do just that! An excellent option for those wanting something bold without the commitment of dyeing their entire head in one dark hue, and it works well on all skin tones too. This gorgeous shade of rich auburn is ideal for brunettes looking to switch up their look without bleaching. Slightly darker than traditional red auburn hues yet still boasting vibrant red pigments to flatter all skin tones, this hue works beautifully for fall weather and looks particularly stunning when applied to wavy locks. Blend honey blonde highlights into this dark natural brown shade to add dimension and blend the red tones more effortlessly into the background. Wavy locks will significantly benefit from this gorgeous hue as it highlights their texture and volume beautifully. Regular touchups with color-safe shampoos and conditioners are essential to keep this hue looking amazing.