How to Lighten Dark Brown hair With Babylights

Babylights offer subtle yet natural sun-kissed effects without being as laborious to maintain, as their color won’t fade so rapidly. Add ribbons of strawberry blonde or mahogany hue to your brown locks for a stunning style suitable for work or play! You’ll create an exquisite look!

Light Brown Highlights

Highlights can add dimension and dimension to your hair without the risks associated with bleaching it. Choose subtle yet barely-there highlights in a shade lighter than your natural brown hue to achieve an appealing and natural-looking result. Your final result should be an elegant, confident, refined, yet flattering appearance, from subtle brown baby lights to dramatic techniques such as balayage. For an effortless beachy vibe, consider adding some ashy brown highlights for added texture and dimension to your strands. Or go for the blonde ombre look if that suits you better! Copper highlights can add a vibrant, lively element to brown hair, while warm caramel shades will provide golden highlights. Or you could opt for rich auburn highlights for an even more significant impact on your dark brown mane.

Dark Brown Highlights

Highlighting dark brown hair can quickly add definition and shine, providing additional dimension and description. When selecting the appropriate hue of highlight for your dark tone, your colorist can craft an eye-catching style that perfectly matches your skin tone and facial features. For example, copper streaks can add an eye-catching flare. If your base color is red, try something bold like a peach; its pastel tones will enhance any natural brown tones in your locks. Another great solution is caramel brown balayage, giving your locks a natural sun-kissed glow. This shade is an excellent option for brunettes who want to lighten their locks without going all-blonde. Easy maintenance makes this color suitable for work wear or evening events alike, and looks stunning on long or short brown locks when worn wavy.

Light Blonde Highlights

If your hair is dark brown, try lightening it by applying golden and buttery blonde hues to achieve an organic and radiant finish. Or focus the highlights around your face to give an illusion that you have been out enjoying the sunshine. Babylights are an ancient foil-based highlighting technique that dates back far before balayage became trendy. Babylights use superfine highlights placed close together to achieve a light and natural look that blends beautifully with natural strands. Traditional highlights create a noticeable distinction when scheduled touch-ups occur.

In contrast, these non-chunky highlights do not leave such an obvious line of demarcation when scheduled for touch-ups. Furthermore, these highlights tend to be less damaging as thinner sections can be processed faster. Regular touch-ups every 6-8 weeks will keep brown hair from looking brassy; toner can neutralize any orange tones.

Caramel Highlights

If you want to add shine without making a permanent commitment, caramel highlights may be just what’s needed to revitalize your dark locks without changing their hue entirely. With this style, thin blonde streaks are strategically added into brown locks using the balayage technique for an organic yet blended effect that looks beautiful. Caramel highlights are another ideal combination with black bases. Their chocolate and rust tones combine in this long, layered style for an irresistibly sweet aesthetic. Try mixing caramel highlights with strawberry hues for something unique and different for a more delicate yet playful finish. A sprinkle of caramel babylights can transform even the longest and thickest locks, offering an instant lift. The brown and blonde balayage creates an eye-catching contrast, adding dimension and style to this long strand. Wear it down, or tuck it into a sleek ponytail for an eye-catching and sophisticated look!