Dark Brown Hair Shades

There is an array of beautiful dark brown hair shades, ranging from smoky excellent cafe noir to rich chocolate hues. When selecting one that suits you best, consider your skin tone and eyes first. You can break the rules and go darker or lighter than recommended for your complexion by employing color techniques such as balayage or ombre color.

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown is an eye-catching hue with neutral yet vibrant tones that’s ideal for brunettes looking to lighten their shade or blondes seeking deeper hues. If you’re still unsure if chestnut brown is right for you, flip your wrist over and check the color of your veins – green indicates warm undertones, while blue represents cool ones. Today’s wide range of coloring techniques allows you to find a chestnut brown hair color that suits your complexion and hair texture. There are endless possibilities for finding your ideal hue – from bronde looks to reddish hues. One exquisite balayage blends chestnut brown with copper highlights for warmth without going overboard, giving an exceptionally natural result that will surely garner compliments.

Ash Brown

If you have dark hair, try opting for this cool ash-brown shade to accentuate its natural coppery undertones and highlight any coppery highlights present in your locks. As opposed to warm honey shades, this neutral-leaning hue looks best when worn by women with cool skin tones and will highlight both eyes and complexions. If your hair is light, reaching a dark ash-brown shade may require bleach. Opt for a high-lift color treatment using an approved salon formula that delivers rich pigments while safeguarding its cuticle layer to minimize damage and achieve results quickly. Ask your stylist to add silver highlights to a dark ash-brown base for an eye-catching ombre effect that frames the face beautifully. This elegant blend of browns will enhance all complexions. Our hair color experts suggest using brass-proof shampoo and conditioner to maintain this shade and prevent an orangey tone from developing over time.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate, the deepest shade of brown, is timeless and classic. Perfect for all lengths and textures of hair, from straight to wavy locks. Additionally, you can pair this hue with other medium-dark shades, such as Toffee, for an added lighter effect. Warm chocolate tones flatter all skin tones and eye colors; try a more excellent shade like ash brown for optimal balance for those with blue or pink undertones. Create a modern and chic look by having your stylist add subtle chocolate brown balayage pieces at the crown and around your face, framing your face with golden natural tones. At home, maintain this new hue by washing with Love Beauty