Dark Auburn Red Hair

Dark brown red hair provides an eye-catching contrast that pairs beautifully with any look. Additionally, its versatile hue makes adding brown and blonde highlights easy for added dimension. Add some spice with this fiery medium brown shade, which features intense depth and rich red tones. Lock this rich hue with regular root touch-ups and use an excellent sulfate-free shampoo.


Sun-kissed auburn is one of the trendiest hair colors right now, boasting subtle golden blonde highlights. This hue can look intense when applied to a light blonde base or more subdued on dark brunette hair. Deep red hues in this hair color give a seductive redhead aesthetic, perfect for straight or wavy locks. To maintain this shade, use only shampoos formulated for depositing color as well as heat styling to avoid potential hair damage.

Cinnamon balayage highlights add dimension and warmth to this hue; regularly touch up your roots using root touch-up kits or consult professional stylists to maintain vibrant color!


Rich auburn tones are perfect for women looking bold and sensual without going too bright. This coppery shade contains dark red and brown tones for a striking yet subtle contrast, drawing attention to your eyes’ best features. If you have blonde or light brown locks, try opting for a balayage like this to give your locks an eye-catching hue all day long!

Copper fades are ideal for straight hair because they give off a natural-looking color that won’t wash out as fast. Be sure to use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo, and conditioner to extend the life of your new hue!


As its name suggests, auburn verging on brown is an intense shade of red reminiscent of traditional redheads’ locks. Wear it for an eye-catching effect! To give this hue the most impactful look possible, ask your stylist to add highlights or lowlights that create a soft dimension to help the colors blend naturally and add contrast. In addition, using products specifically formulated for colored hair to lock in color and prevent fade are vital steps to keep this shade from fading over time.

This gorgeous burgundy red has the exact characteristics of both merlot and dark red burgundy hair color; it looks fantastic on both straight and curly locks, with expert placement of its strands providing natural depth and balance to your locks. Ask your stylist to use glossing treatments every few weeks for added vibrancy.


If you want to add some light highlights to your dark brown hair color without turning all-out blonde, adding more golden highlights is an effective way to do just that. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that maintain color saturation will help ensure that your shade remains vibrant while adding dimension while maintaining depth and dimension.

Adding light brown copper auburn highlights can bring out the natural texture and sass of your wild waves or curls for an eye-catching textured sassy style, flattering warm and cool skin tones with more visual depth without making your locks too heavy. This stunning look creates an eye-catching finish without making them too bulky or heavy.

Consider opting for a warm cinnamon hue to amplify your natural red hues for an earthy, vibrant appearance that works well across different styles and looks. Try pairing it with blonde highlights to add character to your ombre look!