The DA Haircut

A DA haircut is a 1950s style in which hair is combed back on the sides and slicked back. It was popular among kids and rock and rollers. It was a style that commanded admiration. This 1950s hairstyle is now a style that has its devotees and fans alike. It is a style that is best seen than replicated. To learn more about this style, keep reading.

Cary Grant


If you like the style of hair worn by actors from the 1940s, you might enjoy this classic haircut. It is short and stylish, and was made famous by Cary Grant. This haircut is similar to a modern-day pixie cut, but with a trimmed, traditional part. The hair on the back was shorter than the sides, and Grant brushed the side hair toward the rear of the head. While this haircut may not be very flattering today, it exudes classy, timeless style.


Cary Grant was an avid fan of military uniforms. He saw them as the pinnacle of men’s style. As a young man, he was impressed by the masculinity he saw among soldiers. The uniforms convey a slim, streamlined figure, and draw attention to the male silhouette. Grant wanted to transfer these advantages to his wardrobe, and so he switched to a military-style uniform. Now his style was more refined and coordinated.

Elvis Presley


The hairstyle of singer Elvis Presley was controversial in its day. Known as the ‘Elvis haircut,’ the hairstyle was first popularized in 1957 when he released “Jailhouse Rock”. The singer’s signature jet-black locks were adorned with generous volume, height, and gel. The hairstyle has its roots in the mid-18th century and was first seen on the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. During that time, hairstyles had great importance for royalty, and they were often long and luxurious.


Although Presley grew up in a white working class family, he took on a black man’s look to reflect his background. His ‘Da’ hairstyle was a mix of black and white influences. He took his inspiration from Tony Curtis and changed his brown hair to black. He also shaped it in a ducktail at the back while keeping it longer and sweeping it into a high pompadour at the front.

Al Davis


In his autobiography, Miles Davis describes himself as “an extrovert, a bit eccentric, and a devoted Raiders fan.” The former running back, who has a VHS player in his car and wears a white fanny pack, said he “would never change my hairstyle.” The most striking thing about his hair, however, is the bowl cut that he always wears with a cocky smile.” While it doesn’t make him look like a rock star, the slick style is an homage to the classic Raiders look.


The Oakland Raiders franchise was almost sold off to Las Vegas this past season and has been threatening to move to Las Vegas if the price doesn’t fall right. Davis is also a prominent supporter of anti-violence causes, having donated over 50,000 dollars to organizations that combat violence and have closely followed the case of the late Tracey Biletnikoff. Davis also likes to get a haircut.

Ken Wahl


The story of Ken Wahl, the former TV star, is not what you might expect. While the movie does involve alcohol, arrests, and both Barbi twins, Wahl’s life story is far from typical. He is a man who has experienced physical and emotional distress. And he refuses to be photographed, even for his own publicity. The film centers on an interview he conducts for a publicist friend who is trying to promote the three “Wiseguy” DVD sets he has endorsed.


Wiseguy was one of the first series to break through the limits of network television, and it paved the way for dark anti-hero dramas. The show starred Wahl as Vinnie Terranova, an undercover agent for the OCB. He worked to take down crime lords played by Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Tim Curry, and Robert Davi. The series lasted three seasons, but it is now considered a rare gem, despite its ambiguous background.