Cutting My Hair at Home

DIY haircutting can be an economical and time-saving alternative to visiting the barber, but you must understand precisely what’s involved before beginning.

Prepare Your Hair

– Ensure your hair is clean and dry before starting.

– Divide your hair into four sections and secure each with an elastic or scrunchie.

– Tie each section securely using a hair tie or scrunchie.

Get the Right Mirror

– Use a mirror that is head-height for easier self-haircutting.

– GuRun makes a wall-mounted 360-degree swivel mirror that provides excellent rearview visibility. Their finest model comes with decorative dark metal detailing and LED lights. Installation is quick and effortless. The mirror runs on batteries for convenience.

Invest in the Right Tools

– Quality shears are essential for an even cut and proper trimming of split ends.

– Use a high-quality comb and clips to keep hair out of the way.

– Salon-quality shears will help your haircut look clean and healthy, making it possible to go longer between professional salon appointments. Remember to clean all surfaces after use to prevent bacteria buildup.

Plan Ahead

– Sometimes, life prevents us from keeping a salon appointment. However, with adequate preparation, you can cut your hair at home.

– Set aside ample time in a well-lit space.

– Gather all necessary tools, such as sharp haircutting scissors, a sharp comb, and clips.

– Decide whether to wet or dry cut and prepare accordingly. If wet cutting, wash and condition your hair first.

– Ensure your mirror is large enough to see behind your head without distractions before starting.

Keep Expectations and Ask for Help

– Cutting your hair requires some art, so expect some bumps along the way.

– Set reasonable expectations and leave drastic changes for salon visits.

– Minimal trims can quickly be done at home with careful planning, the right tools, and staying organized.

With these tips, you can give your locks the ultimate at-home pampering!