The Right Way to Cut Curly Hair at Home

No matter if it’s for trimming off some dead ends or simply trying a different style, knowing how to cut curly hair properly is crucial. A lousy cut could leave you looking like an unruly triangular wig!

1. Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry

An expert haircut can transform the way your curly locks look. Finding a stylist who understands your curl pattern and knows how to cut it can be daunting, so ask for recommendations from friends and family with curly locks. Trim your hair when it’s completely dry or just barely damp to maintain its natural curl shape. Avoid over-texturizing and aim for vertical layers and individual curls when cutting to prevent a “triangle” effect.

2. Part Your Hair

A good haircut for curly hair should celebrate its unique texture, density, and curl pattern. Start by washing and detangling your hair without using any products. Divide your hair down the center and trim each section slowly and carefully. Repeat this process in all other areas.

3. Use the Right Scissors

Invest in quality scissors that won’t tear your curly hair. Choose shears with adjustable blade tension and hairdressing scissors for better control. If you don’t have hairdressing scissors, sharp regular scissors can work, too; just be cautious not to tear the hair. Have someone check your work for accuracy.

4. Check Your Curls

Cutting curly hair can be challenging, so leaving significant haircuts to professionals is best. If you must cut your hair or someone else’s, understand the curl pattern and assess the texture when wet. Different curl types require other products. Use products to close the cuticle and moisturize strands for high-porosity hair.