Cute Red Hairstyles

Red hair can be an eye-catching way to express yourself boldly. From its vibrant tangerine hues to darker copper tones, this deep hue makes a statement about who you are – be it Teen Wolf actress Crystal Reed’s rich orange-tinged shade to Riley Keough’s strawberry blonde balayage, it looks striking no matter your personal style!

Lighter cherry red

Lighter cherry red is perfect for those with paler complexions and effectively transitions from natural hair colors. Try styling this hue into a shoulder-length bob with curtain bangs for the best effect.

Ruby Red

Ruby red hues make an eye-catching statement, inspired by their namesake gem. These dramatic red shades attract attention and suit women of both light and dark skin tones, pairing exceptionally well with green or blue eyes. If your hair is naturally strawberry blonde, ask your colorist to apply a copper red balayage for a warm and multidimensional effect. Its rich crimson tones will enliven soft ginger strands when styled into waves or bob-cut hairstyles.

Super Pale Red

If you prefer less vibrant but equally eye-catching shades of red, opt for this super pale red hue. A true red without any yellow or pink undertones, it looks warm when paired with warm colors while cooler when worn alongside cooler hues. If your complexion is warm, light shades of red will help bring out your eyes and complement the warm hues in your complexion. Choose red sand or cinnamon nutmeg hues for warmth and dimension in your strands – whether beach waves or loose curls are your hairstyle of choice.

Dark Red

Dark red hair can be attractive for women with naturally dark strands or those looking to emulate the classic redhead aesthetic. Fiery fire engine red locks look stunning against warm skin tones and go well with beachy styles; for something less striking, try rich cinnamon nutmeg shades that complement medium skin tones better. If you want to make an impressionful statement with your hairstyle, ask your stylist for an ombre style featuring multiple red hues layered together. This striking color concept works particularly well on women with long locks who want to experiment with this season’s trendy long bob haircut – your copper hues will pair beautifully with its blunt cuts!

Ginger Red

Whether you’re a natural redhead or dyed-to-the-wool blonde, this beachy copper shade will surely match your sunny complexion beautifully. This warm and spicy hue combines dark golden blonde with vibrant orange-red for an attractive mix. Perfect for warm skin tones featuring blue, green, hazel, or brown eyes! Gingers appreciate this fiery tone for its reflective tones and vibrant orangey-red hues, as well as being similar to their freckled pale skin color. Many redheads are sensitive to the word “ginger,” as it can have negative connotations. Avoid calling someone a ginger without their express permission as doing so could lead to discrimination and bullying; such actions damage self-esteem and undermine dignity; it should instead be celebrated and appreciated as being genetically unique features that need cherishing! Gingers deserve our appreciation as genetically designed beauties!

Brown Red

If you want the look of red hair without going full-out, try opting for natural brown shades with subtle red highlights instead of going lighter. This style is gentler on your locks and requires less maintenance than going lighter, making it an excellent option for those with darker locks who worry about bleaching damage. Dascha Polanco’s highlighted dye job offers a stylish twist on classic red hair, perfect for keeping up with summer fashion. Her burgundy tint features subtle orange notes for an eye-catching appearance. George Papanikolas of Matrix celebrity stylist fame predicts that scarlet red balayage on long strands will become one of the top trends 2018. This deep gingery hue provides a luxurious, sophisticated shade ideal for brunettes experimenting with redhead-esque looks without going full redhead!