Cute Hairstyles Without Braids

Are your daughter’s pigtails growing a little too long? Accessorize them with an adorable bow or metallic charm for a sweet and protective look.

Twist Braid

To create this charming Bohemian look, take two small sections of hair and loosely connect them using the rope braid technique. Twist them around each other before tying a hair tie in the back. This twisted half updo is exquisite when worn with a flower crown. For added drama, try opting for dark purple shades that complement your skin tone to complete it further!

Pull Out Braid

Try the halo braid if you want a different look before taking down your box braids or cornrows. Inspired by Laura Harrier, braid your hair in loose three-strand plaits after the hairline and over your forehead for an effortlessly cool updo. It feels voluminous and luxurious. Perfect for all seasons; even warm temperatures don’t prevent its use as an added accessory!

If your strands are longer, try doing a side pull-through braid. This style combines the wow factor of a Dutch braid with the chicness of a high ponytail. It looks particularly chic on bobs or longer crops.

Bubble braids or ponytails are an adorable way to wear your hair and can add a playful edge. Celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez describes the look as a “braid that almost looks like a headband,” perfect for balancing out facial features. Perfect for any event and requiring minimal upkeep, add volume powder or hairspray as necessary to complete it!

Fishtail Braid

This stunning and voluminous hairstyle is ideal for those looking to combine elegance with playful expression. The technique starts by weaving three small fishtail braids into one larger braid before twisting and pulling for a voluminous finish. It’s sure to leave everyone speechless! This pinnable look will have everyone talking.

Fishtail braids are another simple yet eye-catching braid option that makes for a great casual day out with friends. Easy, it will give your look a distinct and exciting touch. Create two fishtails on either side of your head before beginning to braid your main braid from the crown of your head. Maintain an even distribution between both sides, adding smaller strands to each fishtail braid as you go back and forth between sides. Continue until all areas of your head have been braided. Finally, tie off your fishtail braid using elastic. This style works best on those with curly or wavy hair with some texture that makes your fishtail braids stand out more.

Four-Strand Braid

This beautiful four-strand braid may appear complicated, but it can be taught with just a few practice runs. First, divide your hair into four equal sections. Next, cross over the outer right strand to switch positions with its counterpart on the inner right strand. When this has happened, take the extreme left strand and cross it under its counterpart on both ends, becoming your new middle left strand. Continue entwining your strands into a braid that resembles a headband for an adorable and feminine look. Wear this style in class, on a date night with friends, or at any casual event when you want a hint of glamour in your face. Make sure to mist your strands with TRESemme One Step Volume 5-in-1 Volumizing Mist beforehand to give the braid some grip without the risk of it becoming messy or falling flat.