Cute Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

A Twisted Crown Braid Updo

If you want a fun and romantic hairstyle that’s not too formal, try a twisted crown braid updo. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with wavy, shorter-length hair. Adding an intricate floral tiara will enhance your appearance.

Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are easy yet gorgeous hairstyles for wedding guests. You only need to secure two pigtails on top of your head to create an elegant updo. Adding tiny flowers will give it a cute country and hippie chic look.

High Pompadour

Like singer Dua Lipa’s, a high pompadour is a sophisticated choice that goes well with any dress length. It adds an elegant touch to your overall look.

Wavy or Bouncy Curls

Curl your hair into small waves or loose bouncy coils for a flirty and feminine look. Make sure to use hairspray to prevent frizz. Adding an elegant barrette or hair comb can further enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.

Messy Bun

A well-done messy bun can look lovely and showcase your personality. Use stylish hair pins to add some flair to your low-key updo, matching any wedding themes that may arise.

Bubble Braid

If you have shorter locks, a bubble braid is an easy and stylish updo option. Pair it with flower clips for maximum impact and a bohemian look.

Half-Up, Half-Down with Loose Curls

A half-up, half-down style with loose long curls is a timeless bridal classic. It works well with both formal gowns and casual attire. Natural curly hair makes achieving this style easier.

Side Twist

Try a side twist for a romantic look that doesn’t require an updo. Long strands framing your face, as seen in Selena Gomez, will keep its shape even during dancing. This hairstyle works well with any hair texture and is perfect for showing off long dresses or your shoulders.

Sleek Ponytail with Twisted Strands

To add Oscar’s glamour to any ensemble, start with a sleek ponytail and twist small strands of hair around its base. Secure them with bobby pins and add a beautiful flower pin as a finishing touch.

Low Bun with Pearls

Pearls are not just for brides. Use them to accessorize a low bun and achieve a bridal-ready look quickly.