Cute easy updo hairstyles

Cute Easy Updo Hairstyles

For an elegant updo hairstyle that highlights the tones and textures in your hair color, try this romantic side braided bun style – ideal for date nights or formal events! This adorable updo features large, messy braids twisted into a low bun with face-framing strands left out for extra effect.

1. Double Bun

There’s the every day, then there are those special events where you want something extra – this gorgeous chignon is ideal! Begin with a low ponytail and wrap it three times. Leave a tail hanging loose on the third wrap and tuck it under your bun. Tease and curl a few loose strands to add more texture, then seal off your look with a mist of hairspray for an eye-catching updo that will impress both in the office andand out and about.

2. Twisted Updo

Try this twisted updo if you need an adorable hairstyle that will still look cute even on an off day. Add volume and texture using sea salt-infused texturizing spray before teasing and pinning your locks up for maximum impact. This classic chignon style makes for a lovely look for work, University classes, or brunch with friends. To add extra glamor, consider adding face-framing tendrils – or use some hair accessories!

3. Messy Bun

This charming, easy updo hairstyle elevates the classic top knot to new heights! Create a center top knot, twisting its lengths to form a high, loose bun shape, then secure it with bobby pins and hairspray for added effect. Tease out some face-framing strands for added flair in this elegant updo style. Perfect for any special event – wedding, prom, or brunch with friends.

4. Braided Updo

Braided updos are timeless classics for sophisticated style. This one is easy and cute enough for long hair, offering plenty of room to showcase highlights or lowlights! Crown braid updos are an elegant, feminine style ideal for lunch break workouts or cocktail hours after work. Simple to create even for beginners, try this for date night.

5. Twisted Side Bun

Ideal for ladies with both wavy and curly textures, the twisted side bun can help disguise second-day or texture-sprayed locks while still looking chic. Gather your locks into a side ponytail at the nape of your neck before twisting each section and coiling underneath with pins as necessary to complete this trendy style. Create an updo that easily transitions from a workout session to an evening out with friends, with flowers or other accessories adorning it for added charm and allure.

6. Braided Updo

Braided updos have quickly become one of the hottest trends, and for good reason! Not only can they add elegance and boldness, but they also highlight your hair’s color in all its glory! For an uncomplicated yet relaxed look, opt for this headband-tucked top bun featuring loose face-framing tendrils. Add texture with sea salt-infused texturizing spray before tucking your locks into a top knot. This cute braided updo is ideal for work, brunch with friends, or any special event. Finish it off with light hairspray for a polished finish!

7. Braided Updo with Side Pieces

Add drama with thick chunk braids adorning the crown of your head for an eye-catching style fit for any evening out or red carpet event. Pair this hairstyle with smoky eye makeup and vibrant lip color to maximize its impact. Create a formal style for long strands by styling them into a chic low bun with flower accessories, to complete this elegant and charming style for any special event or ceremony.

8. Braided Updo with Twisted Side Pieces

Add an air of royalty to any ensemble with this stunning braided updo! Perfect for casual or formal events – from jeans and T-shirt wearers to wedding attendees – this style makes a statement about who you are! African-inspired cornrows are pulled back into a stunning braided updo that showcases loose strands framing the face and twists at the crown, perfect for formal occasions. Create an eye-catching new style with this space bun updo. Divide your hair into three horizontal sections and secure them into ponytails to form this chic updo.

9. Braided Updo with Twisted Side Pieces

To achieve an unexpected yet romantic style, combine flat twists and twisted braids in an updo hairstyle for a unique and romantic style. It works great for casual afternoons and formal events; add beads or threads for an even more significant impact! Pull your box braids into a low chignon for a beautiful, protective style for weddings or brunch. This effortless style showcases your natural strands beautifully! Plus, balayage hair colors can highlight them even further!