Cute Easy, Fast Hairstyles For Busy Girls

Cute fast hairstyles can be an absolute lifesaver on hectic mornings for girls. With just a bit of preparation, their locks will be ready for school, birthday parties, or other exciting events.

Bubble Pony Half-Up Hairdo

Create a chic yet girly look with this bubble pony half-up hairdo! Quickly created, this elegant style gives an impressive style statement and a sleek finish.

Half Up Half Down with Topsy Tails

This sweet girly hairstyle will take you back to those carefree childhood days of yesteryear. Perfect for any event and lengths alike. To create this hairstyle, start with a high ponytail. Next, choose one section from one side and make a topsy tail from it; connect its tail to that of another ponytail; repeat this process on both sides – this will result in an elegant layered effect with minimal effort! Plus, it’s quick!

Twisted Bun

Consider a low twisted bun if you need an updo that can handle busy workdays and evenings out with friends. This Pinterest-worthy style is easy to pull off and looks just as polished with casual sweaters as formal evening attire. This hairstyle requires some skill in handling fingers, but the result will make a statement of beauty and distinction. Finish it with some hairspray for added hold or any decorative accessories available to complete this stunning style.

Low Pony

Low ponytails are an easy, quick, and stylish hairstyle for every occasion that looks great on all people. Make it more interesting by adding accessories like scrunchies, ribbons, or headbands, or leave out some strands to frame your face for a playful and flirty effect! An effective way to elevate a low ponytail is to tease up its crown and wrap it with hair. This will add volume and sophistication.

Boho Braids

Boho braids are an easy and beautiful hairstyle for beachy babes with curly or wavy locks. Not only are they fun, but they also add texture and volume. To achieve this look, divide your hair into three sections and French braid them. Finally, add floral accents to complete this style. This adorable and straightforward hairstyle can help set your look for casual outings. All it requires is some hairspray!

Side Braid

A side braid can be the perfect solution for a casual yet adorable look. Brush through your locks to untangle tangles and knots before parting it on one side and adding some dry shampoo for extra grip and hold. Take on your inner boho-chic style with this loose fishtail side braid, perfect for casual lunches or relaxing afternoons in the garden. Add a touch of embellishment like barrettes or jeweled embellishments if desired!

Bow Bun

This cute easy hairstyle is excellent for days when you wake up late and need a quick fix. Grab a ponytail, pull it into a bun, twist, and pin random strands around its base into a bow shape to complete it! An elegant way to showcase your curls while adding a feminine flair to any ensemble, the side bun is an easy and quick look that gives off model-off-duty vibes. Additionally, this style works equally well on either wavy or curly locks and can be worn to any event!

Braided Bun

This stunning braided bun style is sure to turn heads. Reminiscent of an impressive piece of art, it makes a striking statement and is ideal for days when you want something different from your cornrows. Start with a tight high or low ponytail and twist it. Next, add any desired hair accessories for an enhanced look. This adorable braided side bun is ideal for any special event or celebration. Quick and straightforward to create, it works beautifully with any dress. Adding some color for an exciting accent makes this style all the more attractive!

Twisty Bun

This look requires only minimal practice once you get the hang of it. Best suited to damp hair and secured with some hairspray for best results, this style allows for effortless elegance and polish. Start with a ponytail secured with an elastic hair tie, leaving some of its tail out. Next, twist and pin your ponytail into a bun using bobby pins.