How to Style a Cute Boy With Curly Hair

Curly hair looks incredible when styled in an eye-catching style accentuating its rugged features, creating an exquisite aesthetic for boys. Timothee Chalamet is an ideal example of the chic soft boy glam look, which pairs well with curls. A stylish option that adds a rugged edge is the frohawk, an eye-catching hairstyle that also highlights facial features. Ideal for boys looking to make an impressionable statement.

Afro Curls

For women with naturally curly locks, afro curls are an effective way of showing off your texture. Easy to maintain and full of personality – they add many dimensions to any look! Afro hair can help retain moisture thanks to the coils of its coils acting like sponges that absorb drops of water droplets from the air. Furthermore, puffs provide additional protection from drying out or breaking out. This trendy hairstyle for boys will get plenty of compliments. Ensure you use a moisturizing gel designed specifically for curly locks while avoiding harsh products or shampoos.

High Top Long Afro Ponytail

If your child has thick coils, opt for an Afro haircut with low-key features that accentuate their natural kinks. This stylish option combines high skin fades with line-ups for an eye-catching, well-balanced style. Hairstyles for black boys with curly locks can be as intricate and textural as desired. This sweet ponytail showcases two long braided sections divided into three smaller ones for an inverted trapezoid shape – just perfect for boys with curly locks! A high skin fade is particularly striking on black boy curls. This hairstyle adds an edge with its precise lines and perfectly complements the side shave design.

Loose Curls

Curly hair is truly gorgeous and attracts plenty of compliments. When worn correctly by boys with curly locks, they can look dapper and handsome – look at Kit Harington from Game of Thrones for proof that the natural texture works wonders on him. Curly-haired boys can rock a stylish short haircut with trimmed sides and long, loose curls on one side of their face, making an asymmetrical style easy to maintain – ensure that all rings are regularly combed down!


Your toddler boy will look adorable in a layered fringe hairstyle if their natural curls have thick wild waves, as this style makes their medium-length hair seem lighter and does not impair their vision or cause them to be bothered by their hair. To achieve this style, ask your stylist to leave some length around the neck and ears while using their fingers to measure up the rest of the top, keeping in mind their curliness. Timothee Chalamet and Conan Gray have recently been seen rocking this adorable fringe haircut, creating a stylish look sure to turn heads wherever your child goes.

Soft Curls

Soft curls on cute boys are an elegant and sophisticated look, ideal for formal settings like meetings and presentations. Add some edge by pairing it with a beard or fade. Attain this look with hair products like gel or pomade. Use hairspray to hold curls in place, and then comb back your locks using a large comb or brush for an effortless brushed-back style. Timothy Chalamet is one of the many celebrities sporting this look, and it works wonderfully for him.

Retro Curls

Try this stunning half-up hairstyle featuring face-framing pin curls arranged into three low-side buns for an elegant vintage look ideal for weddings and other formal events. The luxurious curls add extra oomph to any ensemble while offering an appealing alternative to standard curling wand styles. Tori Morton of Tori Morton Cosmetology School used a Marcel curling iron to achieve this vintage-inspired updo using heatless pin curls on medium-length strands created using heatless pin curls with heatless pin curling irons from Marcel. She then brushed out and teased these unique updos for an eye-catching updo that will turn heads at your formal event!