Cute and Simple Hairstyles For the Start of School

At the start of each new school year comes new locker accessories and notebooks – as well as an opportunity to experiment with a fresh new look! Here are a few cute yet simple hairstyles which meet all these criteria: they are attractive yet quick and simple enough for everyday life – remembering those pesky snooze button hits!

Create a Chic Updo with Topsy Tails

The chic updo hairstyle can be achieved with just two topsy tails. It’s a cute and stylish look that complements any outfit.

Loose Waves for a Boho Style

Soft, loose curls are a classic and flattering look for long hair. This hairstyle works on all hair lengths, especially when paired with a deep side part. Leave the curls down for a boho style, or pull them into a ponytail for more formal occasions.

Knotted Updo for Medium Length Hair

Knotted updos are a stylish yet easy hairstyle for medium-length hair. Start brushing your hair back, then twist two equal strands tightly near the hairline.

Consider a Body Wave or Loose Wave Weave

If your hair doesn’t naturally curl, you can consider getting a body wave or loose wave weave. These styles feature looser and fluffier curls, adding a beautiful texture to your hair. Body wave hair straightens quickly, while open wave styles hold circles better.

Effortless Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

A half-up/half-down hairstyle is a timeless, effortless look suitable for any event. It adds volume at the roots and emphasizes natural thickness. Adding a bow or other hair accessory gives it a sweet finishing touch.

Try Two French Braids for a Polished Look

Two French braids are an easy and stylish way to keep your hair away from your face while looking polished. It works well for thick or thin locks and can be customized with ribbons or barrettes. You can also pull the braids into a ponytail for a feminine touch.

Double Buns for a Fun and Textured Look

Double buns are a fun and easy hairstyle that adds flair and texture to your look. It’s perfect for music festivals or any special event. Pair it with hair clips or flowers for an elegant appearance, or add bows for a playful and flirty effect.