Cute and Quick Hairstyles

Everybody’s been there: you slept past your alarm and need to get ready quickly, yet creative solutions for cute and quick hairstyles could make all the difference in a busy morning routine. An effortless look for picture day, this sleek middle part and two Dutch braids pulled into two tiny pigtails make this style easy. Add an elegant bow for extra feminine touches!

Braided Bun

Put your braiding skills to the test! This innovative style creates an eye-catching path of flat twists that culminates in one large twisted bun. Add an eye-catching golden hair accessory for extra flair! Buns can quickly become mundane if left unchanged, so for an updo that remains trendy but is also exciting, mix in some accent braids to your ponytail to give texture and volume. Brush and smooth your hair before tying it into a high ponytail; use a rat tail comb if necessary to tease and tease for volume!

Twisted Bun

This adorable hairstyle requires some dexterity in both hands and patience to shape. Longer locks will help achieve this look more effectively. Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail with your part visible; this allows you to shape the bun as desired. Twist one section of hair clockwise into a bun and wrap the other clockwise; pin both twists in place using bobby pins; give all areas an even misting of hairspray for added hold. This chic style is ideal for any event, from work to an elegant dinner date. Plus, add an eye-catching hair accessory for extra class and sparkle!

Bow Bun

A bow bun is an elegant style ideal for special events. When worn with an embellished hairpiece, this style adds extra character to complete its bow shape and gives the type distinctive elegance. Start with a high ponytail, loosen one side of the hairband, and form a loop. Next, twist all remaining hair into a low bun using bobby pins until it is bow-shaped. For added elegance, curl the remaining hair using a curling iron before spraying a mist of hairspray to secure this style.

French Braid

The French braid is an exquisite hairstyle with timeless romanticism that exudes femininity. You can customize its appearance further with accessories like beads or cuffs for an individual touch. Learning the French braid technique takes practice, but it becomes second nature with time. Dexterity and rhythm in braiding are also helpful; practicing with your hair down while watching Netflix is an ideal way to master this skill. Add an edge and rebellious vibe to this quick, cute hairstyle by shaving one side for an edgy punk style. This will bring out its best qualities, providing an excellent alternative for those who wish to avoid coloring their locks.

Side Twists

Flat twists are an essential protective style for natural and relaxed hair, offering protection from daily manipulation while providing versatility in styling options. From wearing it loose or using a small Bantu knot or butterfly clip like this Urban Renewal style ($8) to using a rat tail comb to create two-strand twists all along your hairline, flat twists allow you to take on many looks and styles as desired! To do it yourself, use either deep side parts or middle parts until you reach the nape of your neck for your desired finish! Add flat rolls for an upscale style by twisting in flat rolls into the twists, giving them a rope-like appearance that works in updos or more formal styles.

Twisted Ponytail

Even young girls can quickly and effortlessly pull off this simple hairstyle with some practice and skillful hair twisting. Gather all your locks into a ponytail and create an opening above it, just large enough for one section to pass through, turning the section into an adorable twisted ponytail! An elegant variation on the classic twisted ponytail is creating multiple twist braids and pining them together – this adds romanticism while being super easy! Plus, it makes the hairstyle even more romantic! For an elegant style, try creating a twisted ponytail half updo. Start with a low ponytail, then twist and cross tight rolled sections over it for a chic updo look!