How to Frame Your Face With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are versatile hairstyles that suit all face shapes and hair lengths. Achieve this soft, face-framing look with a blow dryer or curling iron for effortless styling. Whether you have straight locks or wavy strands, here are some helpful ideas to style this trendy cut:

1. High Ponytail

Try a sophisticated high ponytail for an elegant style that showcases your curtain bangs and emphasizes your hair length. When getting your hair cut, start with slightly longer charges to allow your stylist to work with your wavy texture without cutting too much. You can also pair a short blonde pixie crop with narrow curtain bangs to frame your face beautifully.

2. Beehive Ponytail

The iconic beehive hairstyle remains chic today, especially with loose organic textures. Opt for pin curls instead of tightness for added dimension in a ponytail style to add a modern touch. For a prom-inspired look, create a beehive with your wavy hair and tease it upwards for volume at the crown. Use bobby pins to secure it and hide imperfections like an irregular hairline or dark spots.

3. Two-Toned Money Pieces

Money piece highlights, and curtain bangs work well for all hair types. The highlights should blend seamlessly with your natural shade and skin tone. Dark brown hair with blonde money pieces creates a stunning look with subtle sun-kissed colors. Ask your colorist to highlight the face-framing sections for maximum impact. Consider bright blonde money pieces for a stronger contrast, and use toning shampoo or color-safe products to avoid brassiness.

4. Shag

If you have an angled hairline or cowlick, add wavy curtain bangs with a side-swept part for an elegant and voluminous style. This look complements round faces and softens angular features. Two-tone hair color can bring attention to your fringe. Blend both hues for a subtle effect or dye one side more than the other for a cute asymmetrical style. To maintain wavy curtain bangs, apply volumizing spray and hairspray to keep them framing your face all day.

5. Side-Swipe

Opt for subtler styles with curtain bangs if a straight-across fringe is too harsh for your wavy locks. This lob-length shag demonstrates how narrow curtain bangs look great with sleek cuts that emphasize natural textures in the hair strands. Long, wispy curtain bangs can frame your face beautifully and work well with a low ponytail, providing excellent cowlick coverage without fully growing out the fringe. Regular trimming will keep the strands in place.

6. Asymmetrical Hairdo

Curtain bangs look stunning with all hair lengths, especially wavy manes. The shorter center section gradually lengthens as it frames your face like beautiful curtains. Wavy curtain bangs pair well with braided styles like fishtail, French braids, and tight French plaits. Use a texturizing spray before braiding and blow-drying your strands for added texture and shape. Add some flair to your bob by incorporating an ombre shade from lavender to lilac, complementing the colors of your curtain bangs and haircut with a subtle style.