Latest Men’s Haircuts

The Textured Crop

The textured crop is a trendy men’s haircut style that combines a longer top with short sides for a fashionable look. It works well for curly or wavy hair, creating texture without appearing outdated. This versatile style can be worn using products like clay or texturizing powder. It’s also suitable for those with a receding hairline or thick and coarse hair. You can customize the textured crop with low or high fades and add facial hair for flair.

The Mullet Drop Fade

The mullet is coming back, and the mullet drop fade is famous. It features a textured top and faded sides, allowing individuals to express their individuality while keeping longer hair. This style blends well with facial hair and can be styled into an elegant pompadour or dyed in eye-catching colors. The mullet drop fade works best for those with thick hair and can be accentuated with shaved lines.

The Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a gender-neutral style that combines elements of shag and mullet for a heavily textured look. It adds volume and movement to straight or fine hair and can be customized with fringe or curtain bangs. Though managing at home may be more challenging, hairstylists can create a more manageable version. The wolf cut can be tailored to individual preferences and enhanced with a pop of color, like pink highlights.

The Angular Fringe

The angular fringe adds an angular element to the side-swept boundary, particularly suitable for longer hair. It works well for wavy or curly locks and can be styled in various ways using hair wax or pomade. This style softens angles or corners on square or heart-shaped faces, creating a chiseled facial structure. The angular fringe can be sleek, polished, or messy for a disorganized look.

The Butch Cut

The butch cut is a shorter style often seen in military or athletic circles. It features fast, uniform cuts around the head, close to the scalp. It can be customized with low or high fades and is suitable for those seeking a rugged appearance. Adding shaved lines can enhance this style and bring attention to facial hair.

The Modern Mullet

The modern mullet is a sleeker version of the classic mullet. It has long back hair and shorter to medium-length front and top locks. This style is excellent for those who want longer hair while maintaining a more straightforward, stylish look. It can be enhanced with a high skin fade, or temple fade. Styling options include a sleek pompadour or side-swept bangs. The modern mullet is versatile and can be personalized for everyday wear or special occasions.