The Versatile Curly Shag Haircut

Curly shag haircuts are versatile styles that work on all types of hair. Their choppy layers add texture and frame the face, making this style appropriate for women with curls or waves. Furthermore, this cut lends itself well to color techniques such as balayage.

Long Shags with Full Curtain Bangs

Long shags with full curtain bangs are an elegant and versatile look, suitable for most people. Add some accent with a center parting and shine-enhancing gel to maximize this romantic style for maximum shine and volume.

Two-tone Hair

The shag is a versatile cut that works on all hair textures and lengths, from punk rock edginess to soft femininity. You can interpret its versatility for your style – punk rock or soft romanticism, for instance – and dyed versions look incredible when two-toned for fun expression!

Modernized Versions of Shag Haircuts

Modernized versions of shag haircuts feature less choppy layers, making them suitable for curly or wavy locks. Longer lengths work best as this style can help frame and balance out facial features. Trying this low-maintenance shag style with long curtain bangs and gorgeous summer blonde hue is perfect if you want an easy beach babe look without needing heat tools for styling. Choppy layers add texture, creating the beach babe aesthetic without needing additional styling tools.

Middle Part

The shag haircut is one of the most versatile styles, perfect for women of all ages and all hair textures, including thin. Its choppy layers and fullness at the crown work wonders on light locks; just be sure to work with a stylist who understands that too many layers can make thin locks appear flat and oily.

Subtle 1970s-inspired Hair

Subtle 1970s-inspired hair can still look stunning! Try this shoulder-length curly shag with thick bangs and subtle balayage highlights for an alternative take. This style frames your face beautifully while providing movement and volume without looking overdone.

Curly Shag with a Deep Side Part

This curly shag with a deep side part is ideal for medium to thick wavy or curly hair, featuring stepped layers that add shape, blunt bangs framing the face, and blunt bangs framing it all beautifully. Perfect for oval, triangle, diamond, and heart-shaped faces, this style also works well on men who wish for a more formal appearance; adding subtle undercuts balances out both the shape and texture of hair perfectly!

Colorful Highlights

A shag haircut is an ideal way to showcase curly locks and emphasize their natural texture and volume, as it accentuates facial features while hiding forehead wrinkles. Its versatile choppy layers can be styled to suit individual preferences or face shapes; simply add volumizing mousse for volume or scrunch it and blow dry for texture! Colorful highlights can add flair and movement to your shag cut, drawing attention and people in. Be it a soft copper hue for a feminine aesthetic or bold blue to accentuate its movement – the boldness will stand out beautifully against its edgy shape. Finish the look off by framing your face with curtain bangs – short and subtle or grown out for dramatic effects!


No matter your length or texture of hair, curly shags look beautiful on all head sizes and textures. Add layers and a middle part to this style for softened coils and frame your face while making this style versatile enough for side swept bangs or backward slicked bangs – ideal if trying out this trend for yourself. Bangs work perfectly for this look as they help frame the face and balance out different features of your face, even making long shags appear younger. It is ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with their hair; its versatility means it can go from punk rock edgy to soft and seductive! Add a dash of orange hue with highlights or dip dyeing for a distinctive shag style with this grungy trend that stands out among crowds. A highlight or dip dye in bright orange will bring attention to your locks, making them stand out and make you stand out among crowds.