Trendy Curly Hairstyles For Men 2020

High Fade

The high skin fade is an appealing men’s hairstyle that can look cool when combined with a textured top. This style is ideal for curly or kinky hair and utilizes the fade to emphasize its texture. A slicked-back beard completes this style, making it an excellent option for men who want a masculine aesthetic without going all out with a faux hawk.

Taper Fade

A taper fade is ideal for curly hair as it is less abrupt than straight fades and adds shape and definition. The burst fade fauxhawk is a sophisticated and mature variation of the taper fade, perfect for men looking for an established appearance. To achieve this look, outline the fade using the client’s earlobes, temples, and forehead as guides, then use a comb over to add volume to the remaining hair. Finish with pomade or texturizing paste for maximum impact.

Short Afro Fade

Short afro fade is an attractive hairstyle for black men with naturally curly locks. The short sides create a frame for fullness at the top, giving a polished look. This classic style can easily be changed into a pompadour or sleeked back for formal events. Maintain healthy and soft locks by regularly applying curl enhancers and moisturizers.

Curly Mullet

Curly mullets with mid fades are stylish for men looking to make an impression. This style looks striking when paired with a dye-matched mustache and is suitable for fine, wavy locks. Achieve the look by using pomade or mousse on the curls and tousling with fingers. Add a beard for an extra edge.

Short Curls

Medium-length curly hairstyles are an elegant way to draw attention to your mane. Ideal for men growing out their curls past shoulder length, this look is easy and dapper. Tousle your curls using hair pomade or wax for effortless style, or slick them back for formal events. This style works well with low fades or temple undercuts and thicker, more voluminous coils.

The Mullet

The mullet is a popular style choice among men with curly locks. Though it takes confidence to pull off successfully, its eye-catching appeal and versatility make up for the added effort. Highlight your stunning curls with a high taper fade on both sides and back.