Curly Hairstyles For Black Hair

Curly hair can be stunning but difficult to manage. Luckily, there are numerous techniques available for styling this thick texture–from loose waves to tightly wound afros. Adopt natural curls by finger coiling them or experiment with chunky balayage highlights; no matter your look preference, these curly hairstyles black hair will show off your beautiful locks!

Long Loose Waves

Use a curling wand to effortlessly create loose waves for beachy chic look, then finish them off with light spray of hairspray to lock it all into place. For long, curly locks, the best solution is a layered haircut. This style can be very flattering and when combined with bangs can create an eye-catching face framing effect. To add color, try an ombre technique or dye your locks in vibrant hues for extra impact.

Bob with Side Bangs

For an effortless everyday look, opt for a cute and effortless bob haircut with side bangs to tame your curls. This classic cut will sit well on most face shapes while adding full but piecey fringe will further customize this style for an inimitable style you’re sure to adore! Medium curly hair makes an ideal candidate for a layered bob with bangs, adding texture and visual interest while the slanted shape of its bangs frames your eyes perfectly. This trendy angled cut of this bob with bangs makes it a versatile chin-length style, complimenting many face shapes. Pair this eye-catching style with vibrant hair color solutions for an eye-catching look sure to turn heads.

Curly Afro

Curly hair doesn’t need to be unattractive! All it takes is finding the perfect style that accentuates its curls while drawing attention to your features. A deep side part with loose coils can be both cute and chic; try creating this look using regular comb or fingers! If your curls are short, why not give them an eye-catching and vibrant twist by adding some color to their ends? This look will make your locks even fuller and fuller! An elegant curly hairstyle for black women is the ponytail, making this style an excellent option for laid-back days. Texturizing mooses can add shine and bounce to your curls for even more shine and bounce, or pin your hair in a zigzag pattern for an eye-catching style; especially beautiful with 3c coils.

Long Loose Curls

Long loose curls are an elegant curly hairstyle for black women. This look is feminine and attractive, perfect for any special occasion. Ask your stylist to add layers for additional dimension and fullness when styling this style; also be sure to use flexible hold hairspray when styling thicker textures such as gel or mousse for optimal results. Consider opting for a medium length cut on your curls in order to prevent them from looking bottom-heavy and to highlight their natural volume and texture. A collarbone-length haircut will also highlight these features. When in a pinch, quickly pull back your hair into two French braids for a stunning and effortless updo. Add accessories such as headbands or scarves for extra flair! For something a bit fancier and romantic try crown braiding; perfect for weddings and birthday celebrations alike!