How to Prevent Curly Hair Fades

A curly hair fade is a very stylish Hairstyle that you can sport with a lot of confidence. It can make thick hair look fresh and clean, without being distracting. The faded cut can also be paired with a ponytail or topknot. Curly Hair is extremely versatile, and can be styled in many ways.

Hard part cut

A hard part cut for curly hair requires a precision cut close to the scalp. The hard part is often complemented by a low fade or taper. To achieve this look, you can trim the bottom part of the Hair using a trimmer. This will make the two sections of hair look more contrasting.

A hard part also enhances the softness of a faded side. It also creates a slick finish. Its asymmetrical design gives you more versatility and can work well with any style. You can also experiment with an angled hard part to achieve an even bolder look.

For a good hard part, you need a good barber who has experience in cutting hair. Make sure you pick a spot that suits your face shape. You can also use a straight razor for the part. Make sure that the angle of the cut is not too high or too deep.

A hard part cut for curly Hair makes the curls more noticeable. To make your hair look its best, try to maintain it. If you want to keep the curls, try using a pomade before your barber cuts your Hair. Pomade will help hold the curls during the drying process.

The hard part is an excellent choice for men who want to make a statement. Pair it with other unique style elements to create a standout look. It pairs well with a high fade on the sides, or a high quiff on top. Hard part haircuts for curly hair can also enhance a short hairstyle while minimizing its complexities.

Whether you have long or short Hair, a fade can suit almost any occasion. The blending brush used to push the hair down and up will blend the top and the sides. If you prefer a more subtle look, you can wear a longer fade to work or a formal event.

If you have thick curls, a fade on the side will help make the top look more even. Using a texturising primer will give the hair grit and add height to it.

High-top fade

A high-top fade for curly hair is a stylish cut that suits curly hair. While it requires a little more maintenance than other haircuts, it is ideal for thick, textured hair. To get the best results, it is important to use quality styling products and visit a barber with experience. This haircut is one of the most sophisticated curly hairstyles available.

To achieve a modern and stylish high-top fade for curly hair, you should start with the sides of your hair. This will create the illusion of an elongated face. It also looks good with a goatee. You can even combine it with a side fade if you want.

A high-top fade is also a great look for men with long hair. While it may be hard to pull off for a man with short or medium-length hair, it still has the potential to create a sleek, modern look. Another great way to try out this hairstyle is to braid it. This hairstyle allows for a wide variety of looks, which make it perfect for everyday wear.

If you want to go for a high-top fade for curly hair, you should first clip your side hair short. Make sure the guard size is a #1 or #4, so that the contrast between the hair on the sides and the hair on the top will be emphasized. In addition to this, you can also get a short or long high-top fade, depending on how long your top hair is. If you have an afro, you can also try slanting your hair or blowing it out.

Another popular high-top fade style is the slope fade. The steeper the slope, the more dramatic the overall look. This haircut can be a great choice for men with thick, curly hair. The slope fade style can create an interesting contrast look that will show off your personality. You can combine it with the hipster haircut for a hipster look.

A high-top fade for curly hair is easy to maintain and has a distinct, stylish aura. It can be achieved with several appointments to a barber. It is also great fun.


A fro-hawk with tapered edges makes a cool hairstyle that works well with curly hair. The layered dye makes a slick look, and the clean temple fade makes it a perfect party style. The layered dye looks great with a casual brush, too.

A fro-hawk can be a versatile and flattering look for most men. It’s easy to mix and match it with a side fade, box braids, and other hairstyles. You can also try different designs and transitions to create an intricate look. If you want your fro-hawk to be more dramatic, you can add elaborate designs to it.

A fro-hawk can look great on black men with curly hair. A faded afro creates an eye-catching look that is easy to pull off. You can even try a fro-hawk that incorporates locs for additional length. Locs can also give the appearance of a hawk without the drastic measures.

A faux fro-hawk is a fun alternative to a classic mohawk and is suitable for short or medium hair. It can even be worn by men with thick afro hair. The top hair is bleached or highlighted, adding a Mohican feel. It’s a very easy style to pull off and provides needed support.

A fro-hawk is a popular haircut for black men with curly hair. A fro-hawk is a blend of a mohawk and an afro. It adds edge to a man’s style and makes him look more polished. The style is easy to maintain and is versatile enough to suit any style.

A fro-hawk has become very popular over the years, and is a stylish alternative to a classic mohawk. A short fro-hawk style can be cut with clippers, and it will look equally sexy and trendy. It avoids shaving the sides, and can make a stylish, bold statement.

Another option for a curly hair fro-hawk is to go for a wide-faux hawk haircut. This style has long hair at the back and short hair at the front. It starts at the front, reaches the crown, and ends at the neck. To get the perfect look, you should have your hair dry. Pomades and gel can help keep the hairstyle in shape and robust. Remember that the most important part of the fro-hawk is the top portion of the hair. When styling the hair, brush upwards and push them together.