hairhair5 Curly Bob Hairstyles That Frame Your Face

A bob haircut can work wonders if you have naturally curly locks. It is an elegant yet soft style, adorning your face beautifully through a series of bangs that frame it beautifully.

A. Gorgeous Layered Bob Haircut with Blonde Balayage Highlights

This hairstyle is beautiful, especially with colorful pink or coral tones for added interest. The layered bob haircut with blonde balayage highlights gives a gorgeous dimension to your curly locks.

B. Asymmetric Curls with Baby Bangs

Curly bob haircuts can make wavy or curly locks manageable and flattering. This hairstyle’s shorter, layered ends frame the face and add softness around the cheeks. It is perfect for thick or coarse textures and requires regular shaping every 8-12 weeks.

This asymmetrical bob features longer sections in front that fall around jaw level, along with caramel blonde streaks throughout. Adding blonde highlights gives an airy and dimensional look to the hairstyle.

This asymmetrical bob with side bangs showcases beach waves and carefree curls, adding character and dimension. The chin-length blunt ends beautifully frame the neck and jawline.

C. Asymmetric Curls with Blonde Highlights

Curly bobs can be enhanced with blonde highlights to add drama and dimension. The stunning blend of ash brown at the roots and glossy golden blonde at the tips creates a beautiful balayage style, perfect for dark strands.

The chin-length curly inverted bob with an angled cut is a low-maintenance option that adds lots of body and movement to your curls.

A properly layered bob shape works wonderfully on most curly hair textures. This curly bob features short front layers for face framing and longer layers in the back for volume. It pairs well with side bangs for a flattering and feminine look.

D. Asymmetric Curls with Cascades

Asymmetric curls add charm and balance to a medium-length bob. This style provides balance for any face shape by elongating the front strands. Additionally, blonde highlights make a striking statement.

To avoid the weightiness of thick strands, a stacked curly bob with lighter layers achieves a fresh and airy look without overburdening your locks.

Curly A-line bobs are a fantastic solution for naturally full and dense locks. This adorable feminine style frames the face beautifully and adds dimension. It suits all facial shapes.

E. Asymmetric Curls with Warm Colors

This gorgeous bob brings back Old Hollywood glamour with lush curls and warm hues. It is perfect for showing off fuller locks and reducing hair maintenance for those with active lifestyles.

The chin-length curly inverted bob with choppy curls and side-swept bangs creates a lovely face shape. Add highlights to enhance the natural movement of your rings and draw attention to your eyes and jawline.

Blonde streaks brighten up this dark brown bob, adding an eye-catching element to your curls. This asymmetrical style looks beautiful when scrunched up, so let your locks talk!

F. Asymmetric Curls with Blunt Bangs

No matter the texture of your hair, an asymmetric bob will add volume and frame your face beautifully. Explore different lengths, textures, and color options to create your unforgettable version of this popular style.

Thick curly locks can be balanced with this asymmetric bob with blunt bangs. Adding a warm shade of red hair dye or copper highlights can further enhance the effect.

This adorable asymmetric bob with choppy fringes is easy to maintain and looks cute. Prep your strands with volumizing mousse for a complete and lush bob without frizz or flyaways, or wear it casually for daytime style.