Inspiring Crochet Braids Hair Styles for You

Crochet braids hair, also known as latch hook braids hair, occasionally. They are usually made of synthetic hair extensions, which are looped through your natural hair. Crochet twists are just another type of the same principle, they ‘re just twists rather than twists. As long as they take some time and effort to make, when finished, you can build them in a number of ways — piled on your hands, pulled back or loose. You should wear your crochet hair naturally as you want to cut them off.

Terms ‘crochet braids hair’ are unknown? Don’t worry! I am going to break down who, where, why and how with the lesser-known yet groundbreaking hair technology. Although crochet braids hair can look amazingly natural, they are all fake hair. To add the false hair, the hair on the skirt is corned and the extensions of the crochet hair are added using a form of crochet handle. Those are the basics, but there are other options to make this theme look distinctive.

Sew-In Curly Bob

Crochet hair isn’t just long beautiful. This short bubble crop is fashionable and flattering. This is a loose curl style. Look poised to take the runway as soon as you wake up! Spring 2020 was made of intricate twists, right at the tip of the head reflecting Japanese fashion, with Marc Jacobs and Nina Ricci. The best for women who have straight hair is the elegant top knot.

Short Curly Crop

Short curly, acrylic hair is the easiest way to go if you want to loosen your braids hair. Dress up your hair with sticky earrings. In 2020, top knots were once again classified as top hair for women. In 2009, it was popular because it gives young people a playful look.

Curly Layered Bob

A super cool rounded bobs is made from short shaggy layers and bangs. Pare it for your fun, carefree vibes with bold shoes or colorful outfits. Shorter hair is more trendy, so consider this lighthearted alternative if you’re sick of waiting for your hair to be finished.

S-Shaped Waves

Dramatic, noble waves of marley hair or kanekalon hair may be achieved. Due to its hue and curving waves, this is one of the most popular crochet hair. The shorter length and rich auburn color make the style stunning to match every case.

Fantastic Hair

If put in the head centre, it looks fantastic, but can also operate somewhat off of its side if positioned. The messy top knot fits well with soft-wave hair by incorporating texture.

Curly Crochet Pixie

It’s not necessarily the right crochet hair-styles. Sew-ins can also be an effective means of making cut shapes. If you like short hair, that’s fun and sassy, this is a perfect choice. This is also great for a chop demo.

Layered Micro Braids hair

Crochet hair is in this look like short, loose and casual braids crochet hair. Clip it back or slip it into a pickpocket to adjust things. With that simple and easy to bring crochet hair, it is very easy to make and give a really different look. Sweep hair up and haphazardly add it.

Crop with Additions

Although crochet is commonly used for full head covering, it may also be used to increase other parts. You will leave the sides and back naturally on pixies with tapered edges, adding length to the top using crochet. Carefully balance the shades for a convincing blend.

Crochet Hair with Bangs

Will you want to unify your curly bob? Try this influenced 80’s bob with loosely angled bangs over your forehead. Fast with crochet braids hair is something you can’t do with your normal hair.

Dimensional Springy Bob

Is your theme quirky rather than classic? Try this daring appearance with short 3-color layered bands. Such corkscrews evoke dreadlocks, which split crochet hair into various parts with a kinky texture. Contrasting tones give a meaning even further.

Curly Bob with Bangs

Anything young and fun to look for? This roaring lob is going to do the trick. A texture with a cork crew and a cutting edge are trendy choices. Photos can help you to choose your ideal texture and length. Forget about the half-shaved hair style of the previous year and head to the side slick that’s better for 2020 sleek crochet hair styles.

Dramatic Piled-Up Braids hair

Shape your hair however you like before inserting extensions. There, crochet braids crochet hair are drawn back and piled up at the top of the head to make a queen look perfect. When to wash. use a little piece of shampoo just on your scalp and gently rince.

Long Curly Hair

Crochet-style, bohemian hair may be worn curly. Such waves look amazing whether you wear a t-shirt, a suit, or a cocktail dress. The easiest way to create a warped hair style is to blow it out. You should take all of your face ‘s glossy hairstyles by 2020, whether gloss on the edge, gel cut back or textured fingertips.

Lush Crochet Twist Braids hair

Such elegant twist braids hair are sleek and special that are difficult to find (and maybe touched — look out!). Pull them back into a caby-tail or even two if you want a more dressed-down look. crochet hair style is wavy, fresh, highly styled, trendy. A glossy wet look like top women’s crochet hair in the 2020 editions is as seen in the Spring 2020 catwalks of Alexander Wang and Thakoon.

Cool Blonde Curls hair

Corkscrew tweak curls hair in a vivid blonde hue for an even bigger point. Style this finger-style look or pick peak to really increase the volume.  Braids hair can be made in a number of styles, from microwave braid to cornwave, which shows dense locks.

Braided Updo

Real hair is placed into a pan and a laconic look is developed in the back that works in the workplace , at home, at the fitness center or elsewhere. The hair is a natural crochet hair. If you want a bigger chignon, add silicone braids hair at the top. Simply spindle the ends of the links and lock them with pins.

Crocheted Burgundy Waves

Do you like to wear long crochet hair without asking for yours? Try extending them; they ‘re plain, magnificent and ordinary. You will hit the maximum and taste the vibrant colors of your dreams. Here, the wavy pattern and organic shape are vivid.

Big Hair with Highlights

Crochet types of hair offer you the length and volume that you like. In micro braids crochet hair under this glamorous man, your own hair is secured. For a dimensional effect, use a few different shades. When in 2020 there are hairstyles that will scream confidence, so definitely – crochet hair is sleek. This is great for young people who want to wear new styles from time to time.

Crochet Yarn Braids hair

Search wool if you want an sleek, broken look. The use of these comfortable components ensures a perfect result without flyaways or scraggly ends. Yarn is the best extension base and feels pretty showy and you can flaunt vivid colours.

Bob Twist Braids hair

Short kinky crochet braids hair are the best option for women who want a light, elegant, unstyled hairstyle. Thick clothes produce a quirky, futuristic look. The length of your shoulder grass is low, so you won’t sweat under your tresses.

A-line Two-Tone Coils

Sew-ins are perfect if you want to catch up with beauty styles and stay up to date without any effort. In bob style, the black and caramel curls hair are lovely both in form and shape, and in the summer the length great.

Long Raven Corkscrews

The hair growing out is a gradual cycle that is lengthy. Extensions are the way for you to go now if you want time. You should find your natural color and perfect texture better suited by human hair. You can also wear extensions much like your own hair.

Highlighted Zigzag Style

The leg, crimped texture and bronde highlights offer a relaxed sensation for these crocheters. You should carry your stylist images to show the width, the colour and the location of light parts as you select a dimensional color for your expansion.

Voluminous Side-Parted Bob

A twisted crochet will give perfectly smooth curlica. Synthetic hair is better because moisture and other environmental influences are not affected. The brown ash color is a sophisticated and modern choice of colour.

Long Sleek Sew-In

Although many women prefer curly or wavy hairstyles, they have a good look for straight hair. crochet tresses. You will just go “wow” and really recommend having a weave if you see this naturally looking performance.

Coily Hair with Balayage Highlights

New colours, like innovative technologies such as scanning, can and will update the sew-ins. It is an clever means of bringing lightness to the dark core. Curls hair and textures change the distinction between the two hues.

Medium Senegalese Twists

The crochet braids hair are also a great way to protect your natural hair. They ‘re not just pretty. Beating your own cornices into cornerstones keeps you safe and provides a strong basis for fixing your dream locks such as these adorable Senegalese twists.

Center Part, Mingled Textures crochet

Consider a style of mixed textures, if you like the feel of false locations but don’t want to get full head of them. Curls hair and settings give a weak contrast here. The inclusion of a few wraps is a positive idea. Using hair styles for crochet braid, such as Marley hair, you can use for fake places.

Layered Sew-In Spirals Hair

Most American Black women prefer natural hair in good condition and curly lace designs. An appealing alternative for this connection is a layered medium chocolate-brown style with rounded floors.

Half Up Bun for Crochet Hair

One thing is to add crochet braids hair, but styling them is just a way to unleash your imagination. A giant half-bun is a simple notion, but the feel in the morning is very showy. It’s cool and shiny, perfect for work and fun.

Long Box Braids hair

Traditional crochet braiding styles like box braids hair will fit well for those who want a laid-back feel. Keeping the braids hair small enables them to flow like loose beams, offering a variety of stylish, free hanging and pinned options. The deep shade of the espresso is herbal.

Pulled-Back Crochet Twist Braids hair

This lace hair look has a sumptuous back wrapped with bobby pins. Those long to medium twisted braids are common, whether you’re casual or elegant..

Long Straight Hair

Girls who want a new hairstyle will go through natural hair extensions every day. You look like your own makeup, and without any harm you want to wear. Big, rich, shiny black hair here.

Crochet Twist Hair

Use a side part hairstyle, or lace braids hair, if you don’t want to break your mind on how to wear your hair each day. It’s a whole style in no fashion time, in medium length and complex twists and braids hair.

Natural Corkscrew Curls hair

The thickness of this curly form is raised by long coats. These braid styles can be achieved with freetress hair. It is easy to style once the look is established.

Romantic Curls hair

For an case, such as a job interview or a wedding, whether you want to appear glamorous, use fake hair to enhance the process. Creates a side part and use a curling iron to add some big curls hair to finger-comb into soft waves, if you are going to put a little extra effort.

Voluminous Crochet Braids hair

This look can allow kanekalon hair to be achieved. Hairstyles such as this courageous crochet will take a lot for installation, but it worth the result. The braids hair here are laid ends, which amazes by its thickness and strength to be a stylish asymmetrical ‘do.

Side-Swept Crochet Twists

Broad, sideswept twisted crochet hair looks pretty relaxed. The extra long hair sharp ends are enjoyable in motion. Sweep the twists in a bun or pony tail to channel the inner queen.

Soft Twist Out Lob Hair

Gentle crochet twists are split on one side and worn down in this traditional style. Pull hair up to make the feel perfect, which goes in a snap from work till night. Thanks to Alexander Wang and Missoni Spring 2020 catwalks, Braided hairstyles have emerged as a modern hairstyle pattern. Two unusual hair styles. a long hair lateral braid and a fish plait have been a big fashion in 2020 hair. Celebrities apply it to 2020 as well.

Vivid Crochet Braids hair

The long braids hair of the crochet obtain extra oomph from a vivid magenta color. Part of the fun with silicone hair extensions is to enjoy paint! Go red, purple , blue, blonde … or blend it together!

Long Curls hair

Crochet braids hair hairstyles give a chic look everywhere you go. For Marley Crochet braids hair, hair or kanekalon hair, and with your fingertips or choose pebbles, this long hair, curly look is quickly accomplished.

Crochet trimmings are one of the most flexible patterns in the hairstyle this year for black hair. If it’s natural, organic or a mix of the two, the crochet look is easy to wear after the ties have been put on. Inspire yourself from the aforementioned images and recreate them.

Dark Roots in Curls hair

For this look, first add the fake crochets to the underside of the head, then curl it with dark chocolate. Alternatively, pre-curled hair may be used. Braided hairstyle has comeback as it has a relaxed and sophisticated look. Both men, be it a worker or a female housewife, look beautiful.

Voluminous Kinky Textured Hair

Great about crochet hair is that, depending on what looks best for your style and which ones are easier to maintain, you can play with it to make it as thick or thin as you want. For this model, thickness is the order of the day with a significant amount of artificial textured kinky hair added.

Tight Curls hair Shoulder Length

The tight spiral curls hair are ideal for a girl looking for a better look. Much better, all the time it takes to roll up your morning hair you don’t have to deal with! The stylish low bun or tie on the collar is brilliant. Teenagers will pompate by swirling their hair up and curling around themselves.

Kinky Long Afro Hair

The afro looks perfect in this dusky brown color for those finding an alternative of lace braids hair to the usual Black hair. The kinky afro appearance is perfect for low, however high, upkeep.

Layered Spiral Curls hair

This tiny look is accomplished with approximately four LoMe Marley Braiding Hair sets. The blogger, AseaMae Natural has done a tutorial on the way to do this beautiful style on your site.

Purple Afro hair!

Does this lovely afro become trendy, more like a bangs, which is a lovely border over your eyes?? The color of violet hair alternates light and dark just like real hair will make an enticing visual effect!

Red Twist Outs

The only single color in this collection was purple? Now think again! Think again! The Red girl who wants a style out of the box also has a great choice. Red girl Although the clear brown roots are pretty terrible for the overall impression, it might also be perfect for someone who wants to try a color without committing.

Chin Length Spiral Curls hair

Would you love bended hair, but can’t kill the locks every morning with heat or just don’t have the time? Attempt the option! Use the option! The packed quantity looks chic but at the same time brought together.

Afro Twist Outs crochet

You need to work a little to make this seameless afro crown to make this simple twist look seen in this style. Between one day or two, turns are stitched and then unraveled. This look is great because it has an excellent texture and is not overly polished or even.

Shoulder Tightly Curls hair

The complex length of the hair crocheting in this style gives the hair an even bigger appearance and a structured structure. Pro tip. Min tip. Using the pineappling technique to keep hair healthy each morning, these lovely and bumpy curls. It might not be easier to pineapple. Just curl up your whole hair and cover it with a silk hat or a scarf at night. The smooth characteristics and the location of the hair guarantee that the next morning there is free friction.

French twist-esque Faux Locs Faux Mowhawk

This model works definitely best on short hair, finding the best chin length results. When all the hair of the fictional locs is hooked, turn the hair back and curl the hair from the under to the bottom using a regular technique. Begin to reach 2 cm above your face, or wherever your hair seems best.

Kinky Collar bone Small hair Curls

The main way to get away from this style was the lovely way to flip all of the hair away from your face, using a small silk scarf or head band. Although there could be a lot of noise to look fine, it may be very difficult to accommodate while doing hard labor or even on a windy day.

Pixie Cut Fusilli Hair

Will these cool little curls hair not look like pasta pieces? Whether I’m just starving? Such curls hair appeal like a girl looking for a sweet and short new style and have a pretty low maintenance. This retro influenced style, reminiscent of Coney Island fair girls of old, is begging to return to modern fashion.

Wavy Curls hair with Bangs

Don’t forget that you also have the option of adding crochet braids hair in your look! The curly bangs seen here are cool, but they do have side bangs or longer hair bangs which can be changed. Simpson, who arrived at Extraordinary Measures with her Bouffant hairstyle, looks very stunning, is be like her breathtaking hairstyle.

Kinky Highlighted Shoulder Length

We have already seen some of the most colorful colors and highlights, like red and violet, but consider this brassy light brown hue with deep brown roots if you want to look normal. For kinky hair the casual style looks fantastic!

Shoulder Length Bouncy Waves

To produce such smooth flowing waves, it takes a few steps longer hair than the final hairstyle. Using a twisted pack of fake hair like the Havana Mambo Twist 24 Janet series. Unwrap and brush the knots before you get to the love you seek. Finally, spray in a little water and gel to add overall softness to the look.

Shoulder Length Shiny Twist Out

The blog Kiitanaxo in Havana twists – 12, and then unpacks them to strike this glorious frizzy-style piece. Although twisting outs take more efforts and take longer, they sure appreciate the effort. Note also how she horizontally separates her hair so that the shorter tiles get standing, which makes a loving and sturdy look to suit every theme!

Pin Drop Straight Long Hair

For most of the those on this page this look is really different, but still precious for those who want hair straightened regularly, but can’t find the time in the morning to do it every day. In order to achieve this style, the girl uses two packets of Kanekelon braiding hair.

Kinky Middle Part Shoulder Length

The vlogger Kymberli Brenzell uses almost 5 and 1⁄2 sets of 24-inch additional Kinky Curl crochet hair to create this beautiful, kinky texture. She uses a medium portion of this still excellent look and makes a full, circular silhette of the hair.

Kinky Shoulder Length Brassy Highlights

An extra twist! Of several factors, this is really special. Top contrast to the dark brown surface, which gives a two toned feel to this theme. In reality, tastePINK creates this style as a wig! She picked hair and produced this wig-style in under an hour with a styrofoam wig crown.

Super Long Pencil Curls hair

Small, but bright curls hair are a lovely style for someone who looks for curly hair, but doesn’t like the big curls hair we looked at previously. This look was created by vlogger Beautycanbraid with about three Freetress Deep Twist packages,

Super Shiny Small Curls hair

Furthermore, in this style five packs are used rather than three in the previous model, to create a much bigger appearance. These curls hair are often developed by the Freetress Deep Twist. Worth noteing also that a dark brown instead of black paint is used in this theme.

Medium Sized Red Highlighted Afro

Highlights can also be used for kinke-like textured afros, a light red look is used, but you can easily discover more tones such as brown shades or bold colors such as roses and blues. This look has been created by the beauty-and hair vlogger Jessica Pettway in kinky blonde sugar, using hair from Xpress Your Kink.

Multi Textured Shoulder Length

We tend to be seeing other lengths of crochet hair, so it’s important to note that shoulder length is a wondrously flexible style for someone who feels it’s crocheted because it’s not too long hair or too short. The ever seen long shoulder is offset against a combination of textures such as kinky, wavy hair and curly.

Uniform Cut Soft Waves

This look takes far more efforts than those of the previous one, but it sure is worth the effort to create seamless and flowing waves. This look was established in the 1B, 16 color codes with five packs of Freetress Equal Jamaican Twisting Skin. She takes it down, coils the hair overnight with bent rods and breaks the curves in the morning for an extra definition.

Spiral Curls hair With Highlighted Bangs

This look uses special highlights only by adding the hair to the front and bangs region so that the look is centered. You may also use flex rods, bantu knots or perm rods to make amazing spiral curls hair.

Purple Loose Kinky Afro

This purple presentation is a bit different from the one we looked at in previous purple. The curls hair are more informative, looser hair, less kinky. Request this if you like an afro-style that’s cleaner. Once again, crocheted hair is fantastic, but you won’t change your natural hair. Hair is great.

Tiny Curls hair Short Pixie Cut With Bangs and Highlights

This style is less of a conventional Afro and, thanks to its short longitude and silouetta, more of a pixie. Short curly hair and a mixed auburn look good with long hair, partial bangs hanging in front of the face.

Wavy Curly Hair

It is difficult to pin this texture down! The gal who likes a textured hairstyle and is not able to pick between twists and waves. It’s sometimes a twist, some of a wave and all is fun! Buns were known in the late 1960s as a popular means of showing prolificity.

Face Framing Spiral Curls hair

The best aspect is to arrange the beautiful bends so that no portion is visible, and to build face framing balls, short hair is used on the front. Go for a look that mixes sensuality with patterns in fashion during the year, much as Australian model Miranda Kerr did with his long swept hair during the ESPY Awards.

Casual Long Pencil Curls hair

This is because the magnificent small curls hair look like they have been made by wrapping a crayon around each strand. The unconcerned look with the shortest hair is a repeated pattern, which looks great even with a longer hair length for a laid back style.

Very Long and Very Thick Straight Hair

The longest hair length in this article will be by far. If you want straight hair with the regular maintenance of heat tools, look only at this bulky style. The Christian Dior Spring 2020 Catwalk’s 1940s Wavy hairstyle shows that this year long-wavy hairstyle is coming back. So, don’t think of cutting them if you have long hairs.

Curly Lob

‘Lob’ is a long bob, it’s a really trendy look now thanks to the position of celebrities who chopped the length of their luggage off. It is usually seen in a blunt cut with straight hair, but in this kind with perky curls hair. It looks great.

Front Layered Hair

Layering in a crocheted style can be very useful if you are trying to build a more realistic, rounded form that is not too unevenly packed. The hair’s length is overwhelming enough that the shorter bits of hair are close to the ears, when you reach the end of the crown.

Highlighted Curly Bob

It’s not just an afro style, it has a special shape that makes it look more modern. This look is like a bob or lob hairstyle and is perfect for any girl who wants a shorter look, but who is not confident with classic Afro.

Almost Natural Looking Hair

I bet you ‘d never suspect that your hair wasn’t real if you saw someone walking the street with those trimmings. Flipping the hair on the face helps to cover the part and maintain the natural appearance of the style. Do not wait to check out the most stunning hair trends of latest 2020 and amaze all of you.

Super Shiny Shoulder Length Curls hair

The narrow curls hair are a beautiful style, but remember to keep the friedy out to keep them looking fresh. Try to use a light gel or mist for your hair! Let’s take a sneak peek at the ideal hairstyle universe for 2020. This will also motivate you to get to rock 2020, whether you’ve got a hairstyle or felt unlike style.

Natural Looking Loose Curls hair Collarbone Length

The natural curls hair are perfect for a casual look during the day. Pair them with a jewelry clip, headband, bun, with whatever style they are going to shine. If you can make a whole new wardrobe for New Year, why not give your hair a new look? Hair styling does not only involve having a new style of hair. This means having the right hairstyle that personifies your personality.

50s Inspired Beehive

Try this only before you go to a dress party or are just a really retro-inspired gal. Back in the 1950s the beehive appearance created by the bangs was quite popular but requires some hair spray. Wavy long hair is the hairstyle which revives the hair styles of the women in the 1940’s in 2020. Wavy, not messy long hair is in demand this spring and fall, as it goes for every color. This looks great in both respects, be it off-center or to the foot.

Jumbo Voluminous Twists

Twists are a great style for you to try out if your hair is crocheted as it can be done much quicker than it takes to have the same effect on your natural hair. The twists are so big in this look that they can be stacked over the head to produce a little top bun.

Very Voluminous Kinky Braids hair

This style is definitely the winner in terms of volume of this collection. The kinky texture of the hair is highlighted by the courageous strength in this style. The beauty of a woman is like the crowning glory of her. Look for a great hairstyle that highlights your individuality and adds glamor to your viewpoint.

Mob Length Kinky Hair

The mob is the look rocked by Jennifer Lawrence and a variety of other women trendsetting. The look is halfway from a bob and lob, presenting the above photo of kinky textured hair beautifully. You saw the mob and the lob (long bob, what could be the Mob?

Purple Again

People only want to do something to develop their appearance and attractiveness. It is important for her to look glamorous and elegant every season. It is as necessary to select appropriate hairstyles as to choose a beautiful outfit, fantastic shoes and make-up.

Loose Playful Curls hair

Although in this list we’ve seen a lot of curls hair, this style is unique because the curls hair look loose and more natural. Accept the laziness in your look because you don’t want to see your outfit influenced or organized. Pro tip. don’t hang your phone face the sun when you take a selfie, you end up taking a shadow of your phone as shown in this model!

Swept Back Large Twists

Scale twists can hardly cope with regular hair shaping devices like bobby pins, so consider using a big clip or brooch to lock some of the hair as seen in this style.

Messy Mob Kinky Twists

This formal yet loose streamlined look is perfect for and from the office. When you want to keep your hair low maintenance, consider looking for a flexible style.

Blonde Brown Highlights Long Hair

This look is perfect if you want a more fun look on your face. The round and fuzzy curves are suitable for lying and natural reward of the golden highlights.

Which are Braids hair for Crochet?

Crochet braids hair are a comfortable and chic coat that is ideal anytime you want to breathe your hair. At the beginning, though, the hair is not so tight as a fabric which puts less strain on your scalp. Similar to a cloth. Because of cutting loops, the twist and tie method is used to loop the tissue around the braids hair. Crochet braids hair in your own home without burning a crater on your pocket are incredibles flexible, undeniably built and easy to brick.

How long do you last to crochet?

The length of your crochet braids hair depends on many factors, including your braiding pattern’s sophistication, mounted extension consistency and maintenance schedule. Your hairstyle can usually be 4 to 8 weeks long. But remember that it is not recommended to place too much tension on your natural hair for longer than two months and that can lead to an unnecessary split.

Styles with lace braid

There are many different patterns of twisting that serve as well as a basis for a hairstyle. Tearing your hair back all the way is one of the easiest ways. Some think more cornfish are helpful in the front than in the back. You can do this by fuse two rows in the center of the braiding cycle.

Split the Crochet hair

It also allows you to split your hair however you want. Instead, consider a beehive pattern, that is is used for weaves, if you are in a style with a border. The vixen pattern, however, provides full versatility as, without exposing the line, you can easily play various updo modes.

How to Wash Crochet Braids hair

Most people prefer not to wash their hair while wearing a crochet hairstyle. You could get away with this depending on the lifestyle. When you sound like your locks are clean, regardless of the length of your hair, concentrate on your scalp. Just spray some diluted shampoo and massage your skin before you rinse out the mixture. When you like, you should co-wash the hair applied but make careful to prevent the roots from being washed down and then use a washed-down leave-in conditioner.

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Crochet Hair Braids

Crochet hair braids refer to an intricate way of adding hair extensions to your hair. It is also called as “pieces” because it makes use of a crochet hook to loop the hair under the cornrow and secure it by knotting it. It s not unlike a traditional weave, but since it makes use of loose hair rather than on a single weft, it is different from it. It may vary from one person to another and one day crochet hair braids are even used in formal hairstyles for special occasions.