Cool Haircuts For Curly Hair Men

Men with curly locks can wear their texture in various fashionable ways. An undercut top is a bold option for curly manes, which draws attention to the curls on top. This look works best when applied using pomade or other styling products to rake through their hair.

Skin fade haircuts are another chic look that complements curly manes beautifully. Your barber can shape the sides and back into a low or high fade, depending on your preferences.

Asymmetrical Curly Fringe

Men with curly locks can enjoy experimenting with this short-to-long asymmetrical haircut. A barber can point-cut the ends for a softer aesthetic or shave them for a more rigid look. If your hair naturally has waves and curls, this style is an excellent way to show them off without looking messy or overgrown. Its low fade makes this an attractive option for men who wish to appear dapper and stylish!

Kit Harington from Game of Thrones shows off his shoulder-length coils in this effortless, caring, and relaxed style. Use pomade or wax on the sides for added dapper appeal if desired.

Short Afro Fade

Try an Afro Taper Fade haircut if you want to show off your curls without shaving them off completely. Your barber will shape the sides and back into a classic taper, leaving your top dense and packed with adorable curls. For an elegantly textured style, ask your barber to break down or comb out some curls atop your head to give an undulating, rippled appearance. This look pairs nicely with casual attire and beard or mustache grooming services. Just tuck it under a trendy side fade shaved style for an eye-catching look that will have people talking!

Another way to add flair and dimension to curly locks is with bright color dyeing like this purple hue. When complete, tuck under your side fade shave for a look that will turn heads wherever it goes!

Curly Burst Fade

Those with naturally wavy or curly locks should take full advantage of their natural texture by investing in this comb-over burst fade haircut that takes advantage of longer springy curls at the crown and features a tidy side part – all at an affordable price. This spikier style is excellent for men with thicker or wilder strands that are difficult to tame. A longer curly style will frame the face perfectly, while a short fade and side parts help balance out the volume in your top locks. This modern take on the classic burst fade is akin to a mullet-style haircut, featuring shorter sections around the ears and an edgier, longer tuft on top extending towards your beard for an edgy appearance.

Taper Fade Blowout

Men with thick curls often opt for a faded haircut to achieve an edgy and unique style. This cut combines a low taper fade with an undercut pompadour for maximum curl-enhancing potential and an eye-catching appearance. This style is excellent for creating an elegant and minimalistic style suitable for any event, such as an interview. Choose either a low or high taper fade, depending on how short you want the sides and back of your hair to be. If you wish to have your shorter hair length shorn off entirely, a skin fade may be proper for you.

Edgy Mullet Mohawk

This modern and trendy haircut is ideal for guys with curly locks. It accentuates their texture by allowing loose tufts of hair to fall backward and drape along the sides of their head. Plus, this look will enable them to show off colorful dye jobs! For this look, your barber should fade the sides close to the skin with a heavy blend fade before trimming the top short and finishing it off with either a beard or mustache for added style. Actors like Kit Harington from Game of Thrones and Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl often sport this long mullet hairstyle. This look can easily be maintained with regular trims and low taper fade.

Side-parted Sleek Curls

This unique style combines the best features of both fades and pompadours for curly hair. The back and sides remain short while the top grows extra long to showcase those voluminous coils. Slicked-back curls can make an eye-catching statement when styled correctly. To achieve this look, choose matte or glossy hair products that complement the texture and volume of your curly locks. At its core, side parting helps tame unwanted kinks and creates a neater overall appearance. You can add even more style by styling your hair with a hard part, creating distinct sections and defining the face shape.