Cool Hair Designs

Cool hair designs add an eye-catching element to any haircut, from subtle etchings to extravagant 3D effects – the possibilities are truly limitless!


For an eye-catching tattoo-inspired style, try this lotus flower design on your side part. The angled petals will provide a masculine, geometric touch.


Star designs or hair tattoos can add an eye-catching element to any haircut. While undercuts tend to pair best with these designs, you can customize the style according to your own personality or even use it for Halloween costumes!


Bad Bunny of Puerto Rican hip-hop group Bad Bunny isn’t afraid of taking risks with his hairstyle – including his signature skin fade buzz cut with an abstract line-up pattern that instantly stands out.

Bird feathers can be exquisitely stylish; sometimes even taking on the appearance of hairdos. The Nicobar pigeon features long silvery locks which form its mane. Meanwhile, Sulphur-crested cockatoos also sport eye-catching manes.


Rose hair designs require skill and experience for best results; to achieve one, seek advice from an experienced barber. This intricate style looks best with a high skin fade.


Mohawk haircuts make a powerful statement of defiance and daredevilry. Showcase your rebellious side with a spiky mohawk adorned with red and green designs for added rebellious flair.

The Versace logo has become an iconic symbol for style, glamour and beauty. Gianni Versace used Medusa as his main symbol as she had an unparalleled beauty that could mesmerize people around her.

Gianni Versace knew that Medusa’s gaze could turn people to stone, so when selecting this image he chose one reflecting ancient Greco-Roman art and history – this logo features a stylized head of Medusa who had snakes for hair and an intimidating gaze that terrified everyone who looked at her.


Tattoo hair designs have quickly become an acclaimed trend in recent months. This shaving technique involves adding artistic patterns to shaved haircuts using clippers; ideal for men with short or long coifs.

Substituting a zigzagging design on your hair for a more tribal vibe. This works great with low faded haircuts and dark colors on top.

Try creating a star shape that fades into your beard for an alternative look that adds some rebellious charm! It will definitely elevate any style.