Relaxed Brown Hair With Highlights

Brown hair is an elegant hue that you can enhance and lighten by adding blonde highlights. Caramel and blonde tones blend well for an organic, blended brunette finish. Cherin Choi, celebrity colorist and co-owner of Nova Arts Salon, recommends cool-toned balayage as the ideal technique to use on dark brown locks, according to her expertise in celeb coloring. Ashy tones align perfectly with natural brunette shades while eliminating brassiness.

Chocolate Brown with Chestnut Highlights

If your dark chocolate brown hair has cool undertones, caramel chestnut shades could be just what is needed to add warmth and depth. A stunning alternative to rich black hues, caramel chestnut adds warmth while helping soften any reddish tints without unnecessarily reddening your locks.

Chocolate brown balayage is an easy way to upgrade an otherwise mundane, long, simple bob. Here, chocolate-y brown strands fade into warm chestnut at the face-framing layers for a natural bob cut that works for any length.

Brunettes who prefer warmer hues often find that a ruddy tint is an appealing look. Here, thin copper highlights have been placed throughout chestnut brown strands to accentuate movement in a shaggy lob and enhance activity throughout its lengths – this look works for both straight and curly locks alike! Small strips of rusty chestnut highlights also work nicely in creating subtle dimensions on chin-length bobs.

Medium Brown with Red and Blonde Highlights

Red and blonde highlights on brown hair are an elegant combination that stands the test of time. Their contrast is captivating and adds dimension to any style; try subtly integrating it with subtle ash-blonde streaks that blend in, or try opting for bold, chunky red highlights for maximum impact!

Lightening brown locks are made simple when choosing a medium shade of blonde, caramel, or honey. Babylights may even help achieve a more natural finish and framing effects around your face for added effect.

Dark brown hair with pink and blonde highlights is another chic way to combine two popular hues and create an eye-catching style that’s great for any haircut. Try opting for a sandy balayage with subtle transitioning shades between dark brown roots and lighter brown ends. Alternatively, play up red tones by having your brunette base fade into an attractive mahogany pink ombre like this wavy lob.

Dark Brown with Toffee Highlights

Chocolate brown makes for a stunning backdrop when adding highlights, creating a beautiful contrast against its warm toffee hues. Caramel highlights are particularly eye-catching against this color as their golden undertone will further bring out its beauty. For the best results, use thinner highlight strips or baby lights for less dramatic highlights that frame and emphasize texture throughout hair or framing effect around facial features or lift volume and emphasize texture in hairstyles.

To keep the hue looking its best until their next salon appointment, suggest they use INVIGO Color Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner for Vibrant Color as part of a color protection routine. This duo will help shield their locks from color-fading aggressors like sun exposure so their desired brown hue lasts as long as possible – and allow their highlights to shimmer even brighter!

Chocolate Brown with Light Brown Highlights and Red Ends

Chocolate brown hair looks best when styled with sun-kissed highlights that add dimension. Choose blonde or reddish hues for maximum impact; alternatively, try using the balayage technique or micro highlights for a natural finish – perfect for those with golden skin tones and autumn colors!

If you crave the richness of the chocolate brown hue but aren’t quite ready for the total commitment, consider opting for a dark bronde hairstyle with caramel highlights instead. This color will add warmth and dimension to your locks without creating an abrupt change.

Copper highlights can add a gorgeous metallic sheen to your locks for an eye-catching finish, drawing attention to your face while remaining subtle enough for an understated yet sophisticated appearance.