Cool Boys Hair Cuts

If your boy sports a wavy medium-length haircut with waves, try styling it into coils using gel for an eye-catching and trendy new haircut. He’ll look very dapper!

Mohawk Haircuts

Mohawk haircuts are bold and daring, perfect for rebellious boys, revealing their beautiful eyes and round cheeks.

Undercut Fade with Hard Part

The central part is making a comeback among boys with short hair. It helps keep strands out of the face and emphasizes head symmetry while looking great regardless of hair style – from slicked-back hair to quiffs.

Pair a complex part with a faded haircut for a pronounced, distinct look that outlines your head. A tricky part must be shaved to achieve instantaneous visual distinction, while soft parts are combed or brushed into place for instant optical recognition. This chic hairstyle works beautifully on all lengths of hair, particularly those with mid-tie fade and long top layers. It creates a strikingly modern aesthetic and can easily be styled into a comb-over, side part, or spiked mohawk for a school-approved style that still looks cool! This trendily excellent haircut also pairs nicely with any facial feature and provides the ideal solution for school uniforms while remaining stylish!

Drop Fade with Quiff

This appealing boys’ haircut combines two in-vogue trends for an eye-catching style. A low taper fades in the back and balances out longer locks on top that can be styled into an eye-catching quiff or worn loose and combed over to one side. Upgrade this look by using wash-out dye or adding some gel or pomade to polish off this polished finish.

Burst Fade Mohawks

Burst fade mohawks are an eye-catching look ideal for black boys who wish to express themselves through haircuts. This trend bends skillfully around the sides and back of the head to form an exciting design, emphasizing long locks in the center. Maintenance for this look involves using high-hold products regularly to maintain and style this unique design.

Textured Crop with Fringe

Thicker-haired individuals may benefit from a textured crop to create an undone, casual style and frame their faces beautifully. In addition, its fringe helps conceal receding hairlines.

If your kid has more time and care to devote to his style, try a side-parted French crop with a long side-swept fringe. This timeless haircut works on boys of all ages. To complete the look, add some pomade for extra hold and to lock in his natural texture.

Burst Fade Mohawks (Again)

Burst Fade Mohawks are another popular style that will turn heads at school and beyond, featuring a hard parting line shaved into the middle of hair for a striking, eye-catching appearance. Short sides and back hair provide a clean and polished appearance, while a longer top coat can be styled into any slick-back undercut, combover quiff, or even natural spikes for an eye-catching style that turns heads at school and beyond.

Medium-Length Haircut

Medium-length haircuts provide boys with more versatile styling options when styling their medium-length locks, unlike short haircuts, which necessitate a sharp and precise appearance. Medium-length locks allow boys the freedom of having an undone yet dapper finish – whether brushed back with light pomade or left naturally untidy with textured fringe, medium-length locks are an ideal way to show off those adorable features of growing boys’ hair out and reveal those attractive features of young boys.

Fade Haircut for Thick Hair with Cool Swept-Back Bangs

The fade haircut for thick hair with cool swept-back bangs is another low-maintenance look perfect for boys looking for a fashionable style they can sport to school, sporting events, or special events with minimal maintenance required. This look combines short sides with a longer top for an attractive layered effect. Ideal for thick locks that need volume and hold, styling with some hair gel can easily create texture, volume, and hold in this look, which also looks great at special events such as prom. This look makes a stylish statement about any person wearing it! This style makes a statement about them when worn at unique or special events!

Spiked Look

Long, spiky haircuts are striking and versatile, suitable for formal events and school. Wear it slicked back with gel or add texture with pomade for a rugged appearance. Paired with a low taper fade and shaved line up the forehead, this unique boy haircut makes an eye-catching statement at family events or school functions.

Longer, spiky styles pair perfectly with a timeless side-part haircut for an eye-catching, stylish appearance that meets school requirements and requires minimal upkeep.

Boys with long locks can rejoice that several stylish boy haircuts are explicitly designed to show off this trendy length. A popular option is pairing a spiky haircut with a faded undercut for a youthful and chic look suitable for many occasions.