Contemporary Mens Haircuts

There is a range of men’s haircut styles to choose from, suited for different hair textures to achieve a masculine and sophisticated appearance.

A combed back

One of the most popular styles among men. It is easy to style and complements most facial structures—low maintenance.

Buzz cut

Ideal for men looking for a masculine appearance who only have a little time for grooming. Versatile for short or long hair. Adding a fade at the temples creates an edgier style. Use hair mousse or paste for added texture. Idris Elba’s buzz cut enhances his facial features and rugged masculinity.

Crew cut

An iconic men’s haircut with a short back and sides and a slightly longer top length. Perfect for a modern, polished look without spending much time styling. It can be side swept or left natural for a textured appearance. Add an edge with a fade. Customize with a comb-over or faux hawk. Use matte hair products for a casual and modern vibe.

Bald fade

Distinctive fade that adds visual interest and contrast to any short haircut. Ideal for those with thinned-out locks as it creates the illusion of fullness. Great for thicker hair to create more contrast. Combining with an unconnected undercut creates an eye-catching combination. Use a fine razor for seamless blending. David Beckham quiff. A classic men’s hairstyle associated with David Beckham. Features a high pompadour on top and a low front knot. It works well with fades. Highlighter or ombre fade adds texture. Use Regal Gentleman Matte Clay for a texturized effect.


Recent trends toward natural textures and nontraditional colors are shaping the future of men’s grooming and style. Curtain bangs are popular non-binary haircuts. Easy to pull off and works with all hair textures. Use a small amount of styling products. The wolf cut features short top hair combined with long brown tresses. Low maintenance and flatters oval and square faces.