Cody Whitehair – The Bears’ Most Impressive Offensive Lineman

Cody Whitehair’s return from injured reserve presents the Bears with an opportunity to reconfigure their offensive line, likely leading to Lucas Patrick becoming the senior member.

Relentless Worker

Cody Whitehair’s tireless work ethic is one of his many admirable characteristics. Instead of waiting to be told what he should do, he does it himself, helping him stay on track and progress toward his goals.

Highly Persistent

Highly persistent people don’t give up easily when things become challenging.


Cody Whitehair is best known for his run-blocking skills and makes an effective pass protector. His football IQ is high, making him aware of when to step up his game when needed. Although not a physically attractive offensive lineman, Cody possesses superior core strength with a powerful initial impact explosion.


Whitehair is an effective blocker who demonstrates his power by being able to pull or shove back defenders into the pocket. Furthermore, his footwork allows him to pick up on and move defenders outside to open up running lanes for Bears running backs.


Whitehair has taken to his role as starting center with great relish. He appreciates the responsibility imposed upon him by head coach Matt Eberflus and relishes playing full-time in this position. He is well known for having a high football IQ and never hesitates to step outside his comfort zone to make an impactful contribution to his team. Kyle Long-esque qualities allow him to switch positions whenever necessary and become indispensable player on any given roster.