Getting Your Children’s hair Cuts Right

For toddlers, having distractions such as snacks and books is critical for calmness during a haircut session. This UES salon/spa features car styling chairs specifically designed for kids and a Cookie Cafe where children can receive complimentary cookies and milk with each treatment. Plus, trendy kids’ haircuts are offered.

1. Make it fun

Childless adults are sometimes nervous about giving their first haircuts to young ones, as it often takes place during an age when they are incredibly protective of their personal space and suspicious of strangers. Make the haircut fun for children! Many salons that cater to them provide unique toys, books, and movies while they wait. Some even feature screens at each chair so kids can select which movie or show they want to watch while getting their haircut. Consider bringing some additional assistance, such as a movie or favorite toy, to keep your child occupied during their haircut experience. Also, bring snacks if your child requires sensory input (i.e., binky, gum, or Ring Pop). Furthermore, plan the haircut when they are calm or sleeping to minimize fatigue or hunger issues during this process.

2. Bring a friend

At this age, toddlers are very protective of their personal space and wary of strangers, and being exposed to hairdresser fingers, combs, scissors, and clippers may be terrifying for sensitive kids. To ease your child’s anxiety during a haircut appointment, bring along familiar toys or comfort items (like their blanket or stuffed animal) so they feel at ease and relaxed. If they enjoy watching videos during their haircut appointment, bring a portable DVD player so they can continue watching their favorite series or movie. Children-specific salons are specially equipped to handle little ones, but you can use this same strategy at any regular salon by requesting a stylist with experience working with children. Remember to schedule the appointment when your kid is well-fed and rested – an unruly or cranky child will quickly explode!

3. Make it a game

Some children don’t enjoy haircuts for various reasons. Instead of becoming frustrated, it is best to discuss with them why this was such an unpleasant experience, then discuss potential solutions to address and resolve its root cause. One effective way to engage your kids in caring for their hair is by allowing them to choose a style they’d like. This will empower them and make the experience far more pleasant for all involved. Parents sometimes find it too much of an inconvenience to bring their child into a salon for hair trimming, which is why services like West Seattle Mobile Kid’s Cuts provide house calls and professional haircuts in the comfort of their own homes – allowing parents to be present and engage with their child through each stage of the process, which ensures everyone involved stays happy!

4. Make it a reward

Haircuts for children can be an unpleasant experience if she’s unaccustomed to being around strangers and loud clipping noises, and her parents might find it comforting if they stay in the room; however, it’s important to respect that this job belongs to an expert stylist as some children might do better without their parents nearby. Occupational therapy practitioners can help children overcome fears or aversions to tasks like haircutting by teaching preventative strategies and providing calming interventions when necessary during activities like this one. Consult your child’s therapist for tips, such as using wax earplugs or noise-reducing headphones to reduce trimmer sound levels. Once she’s had her haircut, praise your child for showing courage; praise the stylist as well! Consider keeping a lock of hair from this special milestone momentous event or commemorating it by saving it with special events afterward – perhaps protecting it or celebrating after her first cut.