How to Style Brown Hair With Grey Highlights

Gray blending

Gray blending is an effective and beautiful solution to cover gray hair at any length. It offers an attractive alternative to foil highlights or dyeing the entire mane. An elegant contrast between warm light brown base tones and silver-blonde highlights looks breathtakingly fashionable when worn with a pixie cut.

Choppy bob

The choppy bob is an eye-catching hairstyle that adds texture and volume to your locks. It is perfect for those with fine, thin hair who wish to frame their facial features with styles that add volume and dimension. Curlier locks may benefit from having their waves appear fuller; a texturizer can further add texture. Add grey highlights to a choppy bob to give it an airier and more natural appearance. Choose a shade that complements your complexion best and go from there. You can also use an ombre or balayage technique for subtle highlights on your locks. Choppy bobs are ideal for women who wish to express their individuality and edgy style through their hair. They offer great opportunities for experimentation, such as adding colors like blue or purple for an added twist on this timeless trend.

Short pixie

When thinned-out hair threatens to make your fairy into a Dorothy Hamill wedge, opt for an asymmetrical cut with angled layers. This style will give your short gray locks more density and add visual interest and definition to your face shape. This look works exceptionally well on women with round faces and can be worn to formal meetings and casual parties. If you prefer the natural gray look, consider having your stylist salt-and-pepper them. This style will help minimize the contrast between dark roots and lighter strands and make touch-ups simpler. Women looking to make an impression statement should opt for a short pixie with grey highlights as an eye-catching style. This cut works on all hair textures, including straight and wavy locks. Use a non-greasy lightweight hair oil like Nexxus to reduce frizz and keep it shiny and healthy!

Grey blending

Gray blending is an effective technique for concealing gray hair strands with similar hues of other colors. It is ideal for brunettes who wish to transition their locks towards greying gradually, and it may help save on dye job costs. When applying gray highlights, semi-permanent dye is preferable over permanent as it causes less damage to your strands. Platinum, ash blonde, and light brown shades work particularly well as they blend into the existing hue seamlessly, making any gray hair almost undetectable. Dark silver highlights add subtle sophistication to brown hair. This technique is prevalent on bob haircuts as they highlight the length of your locks. Add some balayage highlights for added dimension, perfect for pairing with a tousled shoulder-length bob haircut!


A mullet with grey highlights is an eye-catching way to showcase your style. Choppy or straight bob styles look beautiful when combined with silver highlights. The stark contrast is accentuated by the dark brown hair’s cool tones, which soften its warmth and make this style appear more natural. A mullet is ideal for a man who isn’t shy about showing his unique style. This bold yet modern cut pairs well with faded shirts and jeans and flatters almost all facial structures. Wear it spiky like a skinhead for casual events or smooth and neat for work and formal occasions. The balayage technique is ideal for adding subtle gray highlights to brown hair. This technique uses hand-painted ribbons of light that create a sun-kissed appearance. It is the perfect way for brunettes looking to cover up their gray locks without making them appear stark or artificial.