Top 5 Hair Highlights For the Bottom Layer of Your Hair

Your bottom layer can be highlighted using various techniques, including balayage, babylights, and ombre. Each creates subtle lightness and dimension that looks beautiful against all skin tones. No matter which highlights you choose – full or partial – the key is for them to look natural and frame your face naturally.

Blonde Highlights Underneath the Hair

Blonde highlights can add dimension and dimension to any hair color by giving it an instantly sunkissed glow. Perfect for all lengths and textures, blonde highlights create a natural-looking contrast between lighter base shades and deeper hues, offering a stunning result when mixed. Selecting an ideal blonde tone is crucial, as it should provide enough light without becoming so light as to appear bleached. Warm golden tones work particularly well here, producing more natural results that blend more easily into existing hair color.

Peekaboo highlights are an innovative way to experiment with color, adding an unexpected and chic edge to any style. The dyed strands lie hidden underneath your top layers of hair until you pull back your locks, revealing them all at once. This quirky yet charming look can be created using various hues like pink, blue, purple, or maroon red for maximum impact!

Brown Highlights Underneath the Hair

An attractive combination of warm sunkissed blonde and brown highlights is ideal for brunettes who wish to add some brightness. Low maintenance costs help your natural color last longer between touch-ups. If your client has cool undertones, consider an icy blonde balayage to enliven her appearance and add thickness to her mane. It will complement both her complexion and your client’s complexion nicely! Peekaboo highlights are an effective way to achieve a more subtle look; ask your stylist. Peekaboo highlights lighten just a few face-framing strands of hair, making them the perfect solution for clients not ready for full-fledged highlight trends. Peekaboo highlights go well with any light-brown shade from ash to caramel to copper, making this look suitable for clients still waiting to be prepared to take on full-blown highlights.

Money Piece Highlights

The money piece hair color technique is an adaptable solution that can be tailored to almost any length or shade of hair. Ideal for lighter blonde locks, creating a sunkissed glow to frame the face while framing features like eyes and cheekbones, and equally effective on brunettes who wish to incorporate some lighter highlights without overdoing it, the money piece technique provides subtle yet effective ways to add more golden highlights without overwhelming their look. Face-framing layers that are lighter than your regular locks frame the contours of your forehead and cheekbones, drawing attention to their presence. This style works well with nearly all hairstyles and suits people of all ages; it’s cost-effective and low maintenance! Pair an A-line bob with caramel money piece highlights for an on-trend take on classic beauty, as singer Rihanna has done, to achieve an Instagram-friendly classic look. The result will be classic yet chic at once!

Deep Red Highlights

No matter if it is fiery copper or wine-colored burgundy, dark red highlights, will add an instant pop of color. Your stylist can either lighten the base color to make them work or hand-paint them in balayage style, and these highlights can be placed throughout your hair or strategically to enhance your haircut or face shape. Dark ginger is a softer, more excellent shade that works on most skin tones and gives your hair a more decadent finish. This shade is a perfect way to transition into darker red shades without needing to bleach their roots first. Peekaboo highlights are an effortless way to add some color without breaking the bank! Conceal them near your part line, for you no longer need touch-ups every 4-6 weeks!

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights over a brown base are an elegant way to add dimension and dimension to any style. Blend them in for an all-natural look, or go lighter for something bolder – this style suits every face shape! Cool caramel balayage is an ideal way to add depth and dimension to dark brown hair. It seamlessly blends with its brunette base for an eye-catching style that’s both low maintenance and flattering on all complexions. This wavy, short bob haircut with caramel highlights is fun and feminine. Use some fiber pomade for a tousled effect that’ll show off those precious caramel highlights – it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go! A perfect look to wear out and about on an afternoon adventure!