5 Bold Hairstyles That Will Make You a Head Turner

Bold hairstyles show your daring and break free from traditional beauty standards. Wear one with any outfit to turn heads! No matter your hair needs or preferences, there is sure to be something bold that meets them all. Find one that best reflects who you are as an individual, and find one that compliments it!

Spiked Shaved Natural hair with an Undercut

Hairstyles featuring hidden undercuts with floral designs make an impressive statement when combined with bold fashion experiments. This look combines feminine beauty and the desire for unconventional fashion statements in one, and its beauty lies in its adaptability: any shade of pastel flower hue works just as well. Plus, full beards look equally as trendy!

An effective way to add some edge and originality to a long undercut is with an eye-catching mandala tattoo pattern. Mandalas have become an increasingly popular trend among girls sporting shaved designs as they represent sacred meaning and possess captivating beauty.

High skin undercut fades can set off a long bob haircut, wildly when styled with waves on top. A subtle zigzag pattern on shaved sides adds flair and eye-catching style, perfect for natural-looking blonde hair colors and occasions.

Disconnected Undercut Design on the Side

A disconnected undercut is an elegant way to maintain neatness while emphasizing its natural texture. This style looks particularly impressive on men with curly or wavy locks, though straight locks also work nicely when styled this way. A disconnected undercut pairs well with a side shave or low-skin fade for optimal results.

If you want a disconnected undercut, ask your barber for a clear demarcation line between short-trimmed sides and faded nape and arches for maximum visual impact. This looks like its unique, edgy aesthetic that will turn heads!

Add a thin platinum blonde highlight to one of the side sections for an additional pop of color, and finish this shaggy disconnected undercut with a low fade on both back and sides for an aesthetically pleasing compact style suitable for any occasion. Add a dab of pomade for an eye-catching rockabilly appearance sure to turn heads in any room.

Asymmetrical Half-Shaved Sides with Braids

Asymmetrical half-shaved sides with braids are an eye-catching style for women who wish to add some edge and make a statement with their look. This hairstyle entails shaving one side while leaving natural dark blonde or vibrant blue-green colored locks untouched, creating texture contrasts and an eye-catching appearance sure to draw the gaze of passersby.

Make your hairstyle more distinct and memorable by personalizing the shaved side with an exciting design or tattoo, adding even more character and individuality.

Another way to achieve an asymmetrical undercut is by giving your longer top strands a contrasting white-blonde hue, creating an eye-catching transition between textures and colors. Once done, style a braided ponytail or bun with shaved sides for an eye-catching, modern, and fashionable look – great for women looking to show both their tomboyish and feminine sides!

Purple Bald Head

Take on your inner diva with this bold and stunning hairstyle! Sported by Grammy award winner Gail Porter, it features nearly bald locks complemented with purple hues to accentuate their beauty. Perfect for afro-textured waves!

The burgundy-colored top and buzz-cut sides combine for an edgy Faux Hawk with a bald fade, adding dimension and personality. Dark colors like this one stand out and add boldness. Light locks usually work best with this hue but may need frequent touch-ups to maintain its beauty.

Do it bold with this seductive look and showcase your feminine side with an eye-catching shade of pink! A buzz-cut faux hawk in vibrant pink is a dramatic hairstyle perfect for natural bald heads, especially those sporting natural curls or natural wave patterns. Add some edge with braided plaits tied on the front if desired to complete this striking hairstyle – it will turn heads everywhere you go! This look will ensure that you become the center of attention at any event you attend!