Going From Blond to Blondish Brown hair Color

A blondish brown hair color is one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry right now. This sultry shade is very versatile and close to the natural brown color of most people. A light blondish brown hair color is ideal for people who want color but still want to look uncolored. In winter, dimensional bronde is a great alternative to all over blonde. This color scheme is low maintenance and looks gorgeous, especially if you have short wavy locks.

The transition from blond to brown  is not as simple as going from blonde to blondish brown. While it may be tempting to change shades, a bronde hue will look more natural and flattering than a strawberry blonde one. In fact, Bella Thorne recently ditched her strands of strawberry blonde for a bronde shade. If you’re looking to switch up your look, consider a bronde shade.