Tips For Keeping Your Blue Anime hair From Turning Brown

The process of blonde hair turning brown is not an easy one. It requires multiple touch ups and frequent appointments at the salon to maintain the new colour. The total time spent in the salon will depend on the amount of time taken to apply the toner and pre-lightener to the hair. However, if you have booked an appointment as soon as that starts to turn brown, it should only take three to eight weeks to complete the transformation.

Going from blonde hair to brown requires special care. Color-treated tresses need special products to keep them from changing shade. The following tips will help you keep your blond locks from turning brown: Before coloring, always moisturize that thoroughly with a protein-rich conditioner. You’ll need to use equalizing solutions to help that retain its porosity. BB Damage Remedy from Aveda will help reinforce your strands’ porosity before dying.

How to Stop Your Blonde hair Turning Brown


The best solution to your blonde hair turning brown problem is to start from the roots. First, you need to lighten that by applying a lifting color to the hair follicle. This will make the hair receptive to the blonde dye. You might need to go for two sessions to lighten that to the correct level. However, the process should not be too long and will give you a beautiful new blonde shade.