How to Make the Switch From Brown Hair to Blond

Rachel Brosnahan and Emilia Clarke have successfully made the leap from brown hair to blonde. However, the change requires considerable commitment and proper planning to minimize damage.

Garrone recommends treating hair with a clarifying treatment (such as Malibu C Blondes Wellness hair Remedy packets) to remove any buildup of minerals that could contribute to brassy or darker tones in its texture.

Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Whether your locks are deep chocolate brown or light chestnut in hue, adding blonde highlights is an effective way to brighten them without completely covering up their natural shade.

Try adding wispy blonde highlights for an eye-catching contrast look when worn up in a messy bun or ponytail!

Soft ice blonde or platinum highlights look beautiful against brown hair with cool undertones, while warm golden and champagne hues complement warmer-toned brunettes more naturally. If you’re hesitant about going platinum, ask your colorist to paint in some caramel highlights instead for a gentler yet easier-to-maintain style you can maintain over time.

To add subtle highlights, select buttery honey or brown hue that blends seamlessly into your natural shade for a beautiful cream soda effect. Or ask your colorist to paint delicate balayage caramel pieces throughout your hair to frame your face and add dimension.

Blonde Highlights on Honey Brown hair

Gigi Hadid may be known for her daring hair color choices, but light brunettes also look incredible with honey-blonde highlights.

For an understated yet stunning effect, try scattering face-framing strands throughout the crown and mid-lengths for an attractive glow.

If your client has naturally dark brown hair, opt for honey-brown balayage instead of a full head of blonde. This technique lifts color from individual strands for less damage and easier maintenance; ask your stylist to add smudged roots and natural-looking highlights like those pictured here so the tone remains even and natural-looking.

Encourage your clients to maintain a dimensional honey-blonde hue by offering salon toners and products for color-treated hair. At home, suggest they use Milkshake Color Maintainer Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish and safeguard their investment in color.

Blonde Highlights on Red-Orange hair

When bleach is used to lighten dark hair, it may leave behind orange and red pigments that need to be neutralized with a toner to achieve more astonishing blonde or light brown shades.

To find the appropriate toner for you, referring to a color wheel is helpful, and choose one directly opposite from your current brassy shade.

This copper burnt orange shade looks lovely in long, wavy hair. It is classic yet natural-looking, adding warmth to your complexion and complementing features beautifully.

To ensure this vibrant hue does not fade quickly, use sulfate-free shampoo and avoid chlorine or salt water for washing your hair. Over-shampooing may hasten its loss, and make sure to receive regular trims to prevent split ends and maintain a healthy-looking appearance.

Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Blonde highlights are sure to stand out in any hair texture. Achieving this stunning look is ideal for anyone wanting to lighten up dark brown locks without going for all-over lighting.

Professional advice should always be sought when selecting your color options, as choosing hues that compliment skin tone and base shade is crucial for optimal results.

Subtle balayage techniques are a fantastic choice for dark brown hair with blonde highlights. This color technique blends natural shades of blonde and brown for an effective transition throughout your locks, with minimal maintenance needed from regular trims or an at-home hair care regime.

Highlights in soft strawberry blonde or rose gold shades add a beautiful accent to a rich chestnut brown base, making for an attractive combination. It suits straight or wavy locks equally well and works for women of all ages.

Blonde Highlights on Platinum Hair

Regarding platinum blonde hair, so many unique variations are available!

For instance, if your natural light brown locks have naturally light to medium brown hues, your stylist can add silvery highlights for a multidimensional look; alternatively, your colorist could apply blonde highlights over top of an ash tone for an understated approach.

People with darker locks who wish to transition their style to platinum should undergo several lightening sessions to prevent damage and ultimately achieve their desired shade of blonde.

Ice blonde shades look striking against a cool-toned brown base, wildly when styled into thick chunks. To achieve this icy-chic look, your colorist may suggest applying a full head of BlondorPlex babylights with 6% lift before toning with Illumina Color 10/1 10/69 to achieve this ultra-chic style.