Black Toddler Hairstyles

Black toddler hairstyles can be fun and attractive for little girls. Additionally, they serve to keep her locks out of her face.


If your girl wants a frohawk style, choose a hair tie that will highlight her color accents and stand out against the background. Or try her in sleek Bantu knots.


If you’re searching for an easy yet stylish black toddler hairstyle, Bantu knots could be just what’s needed to give her that cute yet simple look! They’re easy to create and last up to one week before needing maintenance – plus, beads add even more fun flair.

Another stunning black girl hairstyle is natural cornrows with twists. Perfect for little ones with long locks, this protective style can last longer than others and be easily styled – adding flair with accessories like hair bows or flower clips!


Styling black toddler hair can be an arduous task. While one might initially opt to cut their locks short to ease styling hassles, there are numerous easy black toddler hairstyles for both short and long locks.

One of the most favored black toddler hairstyles is to create twists in their locks, making for an eye-catching appearance when accessorized with colorful beads or bands. This hairdo works exceptionally well on toddlers with medium to long locks.

Double Buns

If your little girl has long, luxurious locks, one adorable black toddler hairstyle would be to style her locks into a double bun at her crown and decorate the remaining strands with multiple twists adorned with colorful beads. This simple yet cute hairstyle option is perfect for thick, curly locks – this look works particularly well on children with thick curls!

Bantu knots are an easy protective hairstyle perfect for black toddler girls. Simply section off her locks, wrap each section into a knot and secure with colorful hair ties if she decides to add floral headbands later. This black toddler hairstyle could look even more stunning when worn alongside pretty headbands with floral designs!

Braided Ponytails

If your toddler has curly locks, consider styling it into a braided ponytail for a chic look. Beads add extra charm; ensure the braids are tight and neat before being finished!

The frohawk is another fun and straightforward black toddler hairstyle, ideal for toddlers with medium to long locks. Perfect for special events and photos alike and sports fans looking for ways to keep cool! It makes an impressive photo op!

This simple hairstyle for toddlers is perfect for beach days or school field trips. Easily Accessible orized with colorful bands or clips, spray leave-in conditioner and fluff with your fingers before adding a bow for her! She will love it! This hairstyle works exceptionally well on black toddlers with thick locks.