Black Plum hair Color

A rich medium brown with reddish-purple undertones, black plum hair color looks good on many people. It blends in perfectly with black hair and can last as long as 24 weeks. Here are some of its benefits. It lasts for a long time and is versatile. Let’s talk about a few styles that you can try out if you want to sport this hair color. Read on to learn more.

Dark plum brown hair color is a rich medium brown with lots of red and purple undertones


Dark plum hair color is easy to wear because it is a versatile shade that will blend with most skin tones. Because it is a medium brown, it is perfect for most women, but those with light skin may have to add some red or plum tones to get the desired result. This medium brown color also looks classy and glossy. For an easy way to achieve this look at home, try balayaging your hair.


If you’re looking for a rich, deep brown with lots of red and purple undertoned hair color, consider choosing dark plum. This shade is similar to a red that has a lot of black. It looks great on warm skin tones, and it looks great with cool-toned clothing. A few steps will help you maintain this shade.

It lasts up to 24 weeks


A dark plum shade of hair is in high demand this season. This crimson hair color is a mixture of red and blue, and can be classified as warm or cool, depending on the saturation. Plum hair has a neutral color, but it is best to avoid this color on light-colored hair. This color will fade after approximately 24 weeks if not properly cared for. Depending on the type of dye you use, plum hair color can last up to 24 weeks.


For the longest-lasting color, consider the use of a semi-permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent hair dye, or demi-permanent dye, is deposited around the hair shaft. This method is less damaging and can last for several months. You can even use the same hair dye for two to four shampoos. A semi-permanent dye lasts up to 24 weeks and is gentle enough to use on hair of all ages.

It’s versatile


A plum hair color is a bold, yet wearable choice. The color will fade quickly, but the versatility of plum will make it ideal for both work and play. You can also try dip dyed ends to add a splash of colour. Both brown and plum hair colors look great together, so try a combination of the two to achieve the look you want. To show off your new hair color, you can wear braids. You can wear your braids in many different ways, including a fishtail braid.


One of the most popular hair colors for women is plum. It’s a versatile shade, which sits in between eggplant and burgundy. The colour splits into two distinct tones with different undertones. This shade is a great choice for brunettes because it can enhance red undertones. If you’re considering a plum hair color, make sure you know how to care for it to keep its look fresh.