Black Guys With Long Hair Can Look Good in a Variety of Styles

Black guys with long hair can look good in a variety of styles, including dreadlocks and braids. The following article will cover the layered afro hairstyle that is best for a guy’s style. You can find other hairstyles for black guys in this article. It is also possible to choose to wear your hair down if you wish to have a shorter look. The hairstyle should be symmetrical and have layers, so it will look good on a black man.

Short haircuts


A short haircut can be ideal for black guys with long hair because it’s simple to maintain and requires little effort on your part. Short hair also allows you to wash it less often, making it more convenient for everyday activities like bathing and cleaning. It never goes out of style and allows you to express yourself freely. Black men tend to have a very busy lifestyle, so getting their hair cut short can be a great choice.



The dreadlock style has long roots in the Rastafari community. Bob Marley and Toni Morrison popularized the dreadlocks style in the United States. Other notable dreadlocks fans include Alice Walker, Lauryn Hill, and Whoopi Goldberg. The hyphy movement has helped dreadlocks gain a foothold in pop culture. Hip-hop artists such as Lil Wayne and T-Pain are two prominent examples.



Braids are a popular way to style black men’s hair, whether it’s short or long. Whether you want a clean shaven look or a fade, black male braids will definitely add style to your look. They’re an easy way to get a stylish and unique look. These hairstyles are also very easy to maintain. There are so many different styles to choose from.

Layered afro hairstyles


If you’re a guy with long afro hair, you might want to consider a layered style. A layered look is an option for guys who want to add more structure to their look without having to worry about styling it. You can also try highlighting your afro hair to give it an extra 3D effect. To create this look, you need to have big and tight curls. You can also use pomade to make your afro more structured.

Senegalese twists


A Senegalese twist is a protective style that can look great on any black guy with long hair. This style looks amazing with a straw fedora. It’s also an excellent way to add color without overdoing it. For an added touch, you can add a bandana or scarf in a vibrant color. You can also add a decorative tiara or charm to the twisted part.

Box braids


One of the most common styles for black men with long hair is box braids. These hairstyles are versatile and easy to create. This updo can be worn in several ways, depending on the color and texture of the hair. For instance, if you have blond hair, you can highlight the box braids, which draws attention to the face and neck. Additionally, the style can be worn very tight to add a polished look.

Permed afro hairstyles


This full ‘fro is back, and better than ever. To keep it looking its best, use hair spray to add some shine and moisture to it. It also eliminates tangles. A full afro shows off the natural volume of the head, so it’s the perfect option for any guy with long hair. This hairstyle is also perfect for guys with thick, coarse hair.

Shades of brown


Dark skinned black guys usually prefer a lighter shade of brown. They prefer this because it will look more natural. Light brown hair dye is also a great choice for dark skinned black guys. However, keep in mind that hair that is colored will be prone to drying and damage without treatment. Therefore, black guys should choose a shade that will suit their skin tone. This article discusses how to choose the best hair color for a black guy with long hair.