How to Avoid a Bad Fade haircut

A bad fade haircut is one of the most common and dreaded styles for men. Even the most experienced stylists can’t pull off the look, especially if they don’t have the right tools. To get the perfect fading haircut, you need to have the correct clippers, random guards, clipper comb, and blending brush. Listed below are some tips for good fading haircuts and how to avoid them.

High fade


A high fade haircut creates a smooth transition between the sides and the top of the hair. It is relatively thick at the point of the blend. It can be worn by men of all ages and suits different hair textures. There are a few different styles to choose from, including a comb over and a high skin fade. Here are a few examples:


– A high fade starts half-way up the head, typically halfway between the sides. It often ends right above the eyebrows and frames the eyes nicely. The highest fades are best for men with longer hair. There are several options for this haircut and they are all great for different face shapes. Before your stylist starts clipping, find a reference photo on Pinterest to show them what you want. Once they have seen your hairstyle inspiration, ask them what type of high fade they recommend.

Burst fade


A burst fade haircut is a variation on the traditional fade haircut. This type of fade involves trimming a section of short hair and then seamlessly fading that section into longer hair. The resulting haircut creates a semi-circular section of short hair above and behind the ear. The faded part starts a few inches above this section of hair and ends at the back neckline. This type of fade can look amazing on any hairstyle and is a great way to add texture to your look.


There are many variations of the burst fade haircut, and it’s important to know what to ask for before getting one done. Read this guide for inspiration and show your hairstylist pictures of the styles that you like. It’s easier for the hairstylist to recommend an appropriate haircut if you have some pictures in mind. If possible, bring along pictures of similar haircuts. This way, your stylist can give you the best advice and choose the right one for your face shape and hair color.

Drop fade


If you want to have a hairstyle like Zayn Malik, you can ask a barber for a drop fade. This is a popular new haircut, and he has proven that it is both easy to maintain and extremely attractive. A drop fade can take an hour and a half to apply, but the time you spend in the barbershop will be well worth it! The best way to communicate the look you want is to describe a photo of a drop fade in detail and to show the barber a photo. The barber will then set a guideline from the forehead down to the back of the head. He will then use a shaver to clean the area underneath the guideline.


A drop fade is an effective haircut for all hair types. It can be used to accentuate any face shape and can make your head look longer or smaller than it actually is. However, it is important to keep in mind the type of hair you have to ensure that this cut suits your face shape. You should also remember that this type of cut is incredibly versatile, so it can work for many different hairstyles. However, you should check with your barber to ensure that you have the right cut for you.

Skin fade


Despite being trendy, the Bad Fade haircut isn’t always suitable for every man. The low-profile design and its high-and-low fade on the sides may look too harsh on a person with thin hair, but it’s a good option for gentlemen with thinning hair. A low-and-high fade can be easily styled with a skinny tie. For added style, you can add volume with products.


To start, choose the length of your fade. Fades can be anywhere between one-third to two-thirds of the way up your head. They can frame your eyes if you choose the right height. Ideally, you should aim to get a fade haircut that’s half an inch higher than the hair length you currently have. It should start halfway up the head. For a man with a longer hair, a half-inch or two above the ear can be a good length.