African Braiding hair Styles

African Americans have long worn braided hairstyles such as cornrows, dreadlocks, and goddess braidsAfrican Americans have long worn braided hairstyles such as cornrows, dreadlocks, and goddess braids to express their culture and identity. Cicely Tyson became the first actress to wear it on TV.


Cornrows have been a favorite style among Black women since ancient times. They hold significant cultural meaning and look sophisticated and elegant. They can be paired beautifully with bold makeup for special events or daily wear. Expect many compliments when donning this style! Try combining Fulani-like side braids and thick Ghana cornrows for an eye-catching, trendy, and fun style. Remember to add gold cuffs for added flare.

Fulani Braids

Try this darling style if you want an updated take on Fulani braids! It features thicker front strands with a curlier weave in the back, creating an eye-catching effect. Add a pop of blonde in the front for more personality. Make your hairstyle even more stylish by adding fashionable accessories such as beads or hair ties. Remember to moisturize your braids regularly with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil for smooth results.

Goddess Braids

Try this 3D mohawk with two goddess braids on either side for an eye-catching hairstyle. Thin yet wide braids form a halo effect on top, sure to draw attention at casual and formal events. Create an intricate twist with small goddess braids for an eye-catching updo suitable for any special occasion. Use colors in an ombre hue for added interest and sophistication. The wavy ends add character and elegance, making it perfect for wedding receptions.

Nubian Twists

Nubian twists are an excellent choice for women who prefer soft and feminine looks or are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. These twists help conceal any transitional stages while protecting the roots. Create a chic style by tucking all of the twists into a high ponytail, or leave some hanging off to one side for casual looks. This style works best on long hair. Add a splash of color by dyeing the strands a light brown shade for an understated touch.

Stitch Braids

Stitch braids are an innovative style of cornrow braiding. They combine thin and thick cornrows into one distinctive style, providing protection from frizz and split ends for up to six weeks. This style helps manage natural strands more effectively, keeping frizz at bay. Add a heart pattern to your hairstyle for an eye-catching pop of color. Combine stitch braids into a ponytail for a more extended look and maximum strand security. This elegant updo is suitable for any event.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots, known as Nubian knots, are an effortless protective style for all-natural hair textures. Achieve this look by sectioning off eight to ten sections, twisting each area, and then wrapping it into a knot. This look can help you achieve that dreamy braided style regardless of your hair length or type. It’s perfect for special events and everyday wear. Celebrities like Rihanna often favor this protective style. Bantu knots are also an excellent option for those with dreadlocks seeking a less time-consuming kind that doesn’t require heat or chemicals for maintenance.