Top 10 90s Hairstyles For Women

Pixie Cuts Inspired by Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder

As popular hairstyles from the 1990s have revived, you can channel Drew Barrymore or Winona Ryder by sporting a pixie cut with your locks like Drew or Winona do. There are numerous 90s hairstyles for women available today.

Blunt Bobs and Crimped Locks

Consider blunt bobs or rocking crimped locks – these styles have returned to fashion!

High Pigtails

High pigtails, another classic ’90s style that has made a comeback, are back with a bang! Use colorful hairpins to add an eye-catching feminine element.

Long Olsen Sister Bob

Long curtain bangs are an easy and stylish way to achieve a feminine yet casual style, and pair well with any ’90s style or colorful headband accessory.


Tendrils are another classic ’90s hairstyle that looks good on everyone, from side-parted bobs to half-up, half-down high ponytails. You can wear them either way!

Short Olsen Sister Bob

Whether it was Karaoke Night at home or brunch with your friends, the playful look was the ideal complement to life in the ’90s. Alicia Silverstone made this style famous; it looks fabulous when worn with gemstone hair clips or headbands.

Tight Twists

Tight twists are a timeless ’90s style that has returned to fashion today. Add a chic finishing touch by pairing this look with butterfly clips for added dimension.

Olsen Sister Bob with Volume

Popular trends from past decades resurface in fashion every few years – one such style being the long Olsen sister bob with volume from the 1990s that flatters all girls when worn with a colorful headband.

Half Ponytail with Long Curtain Bangs

An elegant middle part can become even more stylish when accented with beautiful hair clips. Choose multiple small ones for a mismatched style or one featuring gem-encrusted attachments for an evening out on the town.

Olsen Sister Bob with a Side Part

Long curtain bangs are an iconic 90s hairstyle and are ideal for long, thin locks. Not only can this feminine style add some character and depth, but pairing it with a scrunchie adds even more charm!

Long Bangs with Olsen Sister Bob

A classic bob is always in fashion. Made famous by Cindy Crawford during the 90s, this haircut gives women with long locks a sleek and stylish appearance. Use styling and root-boosting mousse to complete this look for added volume and styling options.

Tiny Braids Inspired by Winona Ryder

Tiny braids like Winona Ryder’s can be adorable, but adding bright colors adds another notch. Try tucking yours behind your ears for a feminine yet chic aesthetic.

Olsen Sister Bob With Big Glasses

No matter the style you’re going for, a voluminous side flip is an iconic must-have in women’s hair fashion. Easy to achieve with any short pixie cut and customizable with colorful bobby pins or hair beads, the style makes a bold statement about who you are.

The Rachel Inspired Layered Haircut

No ’90s look would be complete without “The Rachel.” While Jennifer Aniston once disliked its middle part, women everywhere loved this face-framing layered haircut with its mid parting.

Olsen Sister Bob with High Buns

To achieve a more sophisticated take on this ’90s look, try tucking your hair into a high ponytail with an elegant scrunchie for an eye-catching feminine and romantic style that complements different facial structures.

Tendrils and Braids

Tendrils add an elegant and playful element to any look and can make the outfit more modern when combined with a headband and gemstone earrings.

Cindy Crawford’s Voluminous Locks

Cindy Crawford’s voluminous locks are another timeless 90s style that looks fantastic today. Pair this look with some iconic vintage glasses for an unforgettable vintage aesthetic.

Teeny Tiny Braids for a Playful Look

Teeny tiny braids like those worn by Amandla Stenberg can add an eye-catching element to any look and demonstrate your unique sense of style. Wearing such braids is also a fun way to show your playful side!

Olsen Sister Bob with Natural Beach Waves

Pixie cuts are the quintessential 90s hairstyle for girls. Not only do they flatter a feminine face, but they can be personalized further with colored hairpins to show your playful side. Indie icon Winona Ryder made this trend famous.

Long Curtain Bangs for a Simple yet Stylish Look

Long curtain bangs were another classic 90s hairstyle, easily maintained and great with plain T-shirts. You can tease the front strands for height and volume by teasing or teasing.