5 Year Old Girl Hairstyles

Showcase her natural curls with an adorable shoulder-length cut, and add fun accessories like large hairpins or bows to complete the look. Use the tail of a rat-tail comb to create an off-center partition, and apply plenty of styling mousse for heat protection. Subdivide the volume into several thin sections and start working each into tight curls using a curling iron, section by section.

Afro Puffs are an elegant yet easy hairstyle for girls. To do it yourself, first, detangle her locks using a wide-tooth comb or brush to avoid pulling at their edges. She should then secure her hair into two afro puffs on both sides of her head – natural or synthetic drawstring options will work just as well. If she wants a touch of extra flair, cornrows, and front bangs may add just that extra edge. This hairdo makes an elegant look that she can wear anywhere from school to a date!

Double Buns: Buns are one of the most versatile options for styling little girls’ hairstyles, and this double-bun look proves it. Gather your daughter’s strands into two low ponytails and secure them with cute rubber bands; she can play freely without being distracted by long locks that could potentially hinder her fun! If your daughter’s strands are too long to tie into a ponytail, try opting for a high-side pouf with bangs grazing her eyebrows – this look exudes personality and will help her define her distinct style niche.

Chunky Braids: Beginning your morning is challenging enough without considering hairstyles for your little girl – if she wants to look cute and stylish, these quick and straightforward styles will help her keep her locks out of the way all day! Crown braids provide your little girl with an effortless yet sophisticated style without breaking a sweat! Use the tail of the rat-tail comb to divide the off-center at the base of her fringe before working the remaining piece into French braids.

Cornrows Half-Up Half-Down: This hairstyle’s beauty lies in combining thin and thick cornrow braids to form a beautiful half-braided half-down look, perfect for occasions such as daytime birthday parties or wearing a beautiful white dress. Make an off-center partition using a rat tail comb, and secure each section into low-side ponytails using hair elastics. Add butterfly clips for an elevated style! Skai Jackson of Disney fame makes this adorable hairstyle simple to recreate: part her front volume of hair into two sets of pigtails and cross them over her head to achieve this lovely style.

Cornrows Sectioned into Two Ponytails: If your girl loves chic pigtail braids, this hairstyle will give her the best of both worlds – being both cute and fashionable for special events or school. Start by detangling her hair, using a rat tail comb to create a deep side partition, then divide the remainder with sectioning clips into small sections that you will work into cornrows. When this step is complete, gather them into one high ponytail and secure them with decorative hair ties for added flair!

Bubble Braids: Bubble braids are an effective way to manage flyaway strands. While more involved than just a ponytail, they’re still quick and simple – you can customize the size according to your desired look! Also, use clear or color-safe elastics to avoid breakages! Begin with a slicked-back ponytail secured with elastic at its highest point (high, mid, or low). Add another hair band a few inches down from this point; loosen the space between bands to loosen and create a bubble shape; continue adding bars until all rounds have been added along your ponytail’s length.

Two-Strand Twists: Two-strand twists are an effortless and adorable hairstyle for girls. They can be styled into a ponytail or bun and look fantastic when accessorized with a colorful bow at the crown – an ideal look for winter months! Your daughter should regularly moisturize her twists with either leave-in conditioners or the LOC method (layering cream, oil, and leave-in conditioner). She can do this either way to maintain her twists’ health and prevent breakage. Natural products such as shea butter and coconut oil can help keep hair nourished and protected without over-washing, which may strip it of its vital natural oils.