Edgar haircut Design For 2c 3b hair

It’s important to find out that type. If you have 2c, 3b, or 4b hair, you’ll need to use a different product than you would with other types. The following are some tips for those with this type of hair: First, always remember that your wave pattern should be even and not too frizzy. If you’re unsure about how to create a wave pattern, you can use the One Condition Delight. This formula is specially formulated for fine waves and provides moisture without pulling them down. If you’d like to push your wave pattern toward the curlier end of the spectrum, you can use the One Condition Decadence.

For people with 2c or 3b hair, defining the wave pattern and keeping it moisturized are key to a healthy and shiny head of hair. The type of hair should also be maintained with specific care and styling techniques. These tips can help you maintain healthy, happy, and shiny hair. The best way to care for this type of  is to read the directions on the label of the product that you’re considering purchasing.