Shaved Sides 27 Piece Hairstyle

If you’re seeking an eye-catching style to express your dapper side, look no further than the shaved sides 27-piece hairstyle. It will show off your personality while adding some flare and sophistication to your wardrobe.

This technicolor 27-piece hairstyle looks stunning with burgundy locks

It creates a truly remarkable style that complements any face shape and looks out of this world!

Blonde: a timeless classic for short hairstyles

Blonde hair color is a timeless classic that pairs beautifully with short styles, such as those created using 27-piece quick weave extensions. This technique involves attaching small pre-cut extensions directly onto a wig cap or your natural locks. It allows you to experiment with length and color without making long-term commitments.

Feathered style for movement and charisma

This feathered style is ideal for bringing movement and charisma to a 27-piece weave, providing training and characterful charm to your appearance. An alternative to classic bowl cuts, it adds character and adds depth.

Show off a cottage-style vibe

This style is great for showing off a cottage-style vibe and will give you the confidence to show your personality in any situation.

Easy to maintain wavy hairstyle

Easy to maintain, this wavy hairstyle won’t need frequent washes to remain beautiful – plus, it allows natural color or blonde dye jobs to stand out! Plus, using quality shampoo and conditioner will allow you to maintain this 27-piece hairstyle easily!

Electric Blue: daring and eye-catching

Electric blue is not for those faint of heart; its daring hue will stand out and get noticed by others. Wearing it shows that you think outside the box and have an eccentric sense of style; though this color requires frequent touchups to stay looking fresh, its stunning look demonstrates your unique character and shows it off beautifully!

Stunning on fair skin tones

Deep blue hair looks stunning on any complexion, but is especially striking against fair skin tones. The blue fades gracefully into an elegant purple shade that brings out golden flecks in your eyes; hazel or green eyes will pop even more dramatically against this hue.

Recommended semi-permanent dye and touchup frequency

Marshall uses Pulp Riot semi-permanent dye to achieve this beautiful hue, which she favors for clients with darker roots who desire modern mermaid vibes. For best results and to prevent regrowth of color, she recommends getting touchups every six weeks to keep their locks vibrant.

Wispy Edge: versatile and defined edges

Use this product to silken and define edges, add depth to color, create wispy or spiked effects…or whatever your imagination dictates! With no alcohol present and never becoming oily on application, this formula leaves hair with its natural shine intact.

Add dimension and definition with choppy edges

Choppy edges make an effortless statement about who you are and your style, and can add dimension and definition. From Sandra Oh’s face-framing tendrils to Kat Graham’s sleek braid and bangs, choppy edges add the perfect accent. Best of all, there is no set rule regarding this trend; its flexible nature allows your personality to come through effortlessly with no restrictions to abide by. ECO Purr-fect Edges provides perfect edge control that keeps those baby hairs in place!

Bangs: elevating your style

Bangs may seem impractical in hair crises, but fringe bangs can elevate your style tremendously. They look particularly flattering on square and heart face shapes as they soften any hard lines on your face while adding feminine character to your cheekbones.

Thick and layered bangs for a bolder look

If you want something a bit bolder, take inspiration from Camila Cabello’s thick and layered bangs and opt for wide and layered bangs like hers. This look is easier to maintain than others, but it still boasts enough style to get into any party in town!

Burgundy: an alluring shade

Burgundy is another excellent color for the 27-piece hairpieces. This subtle hue combines mahogany tones with red to create an irresistibly alluring shade that suits all skin tones, hair types, and personalities alike. Burgundy will show off your beautiful eyes while simultaneously showing your individuality! This style makes a bold statement.