Top 5 Winter 2020 Haircuts

As winter approaches, it’s time to consider changing your hairstyle. Before heading to the salon, it’s essential to do your research. Here are some popular haircuts for 2020 that you can show your barber for inspiration:

Shattered Bob

The shattered bob is an excellent style for those with fine hair. It’s perfect for transitioning from a lob or pixie cut. Celebrities like Julianne Hough, Jennifer Lawrence, Ciara, and Jonathan Van Ness have embraced this style. The choppy layers add a distressed look to your locks.


The shag haircut complements all facial shapes. It adds face-framing layers and can slim jawlines, lengthen necks, and define forehead and cheekbone contours. You can pair your shag with bangs or full fringe for added definition. Medium-length shags with honey highlights work well for straight hair, while longer-length shags with shorter layers are great for curly locks.


The half-up hairstyle with a twist is an elegant, casual, or sophisticated look. It suits all hair lengths and complements any face shape. For those with fine hair, a half-up look tucked into a twisted halo or pin updo adds volume and texture.

Long Hair

A layered haircut can add shape and definition without weighing it down if you have long hair. Feathered layers create an eye-catching and dynamic style. Consider cutting long, gradual face-framing layers for an updated Rachel Green look. Adding balayage to stretched roots can give your hairstyle a bolder and more vibrant look.

These are just a few haircut ideas to consider for winter 2020. It’s always best to consult your hairstylist to find the perfect style.